Free Fire weapon skins hold significant importance for the fact that they make a massive impact on the gameplay. Weapon skins in this title are not similar to those in other Battle Royale games as they also help buff weapon stats, instead of being used only for aesthetic value.

Free Fire is among those games where map awareness and the right gun decide if players can reach triumph. Gun skins are also required with proper guns for the tactical approach. In case you have not known which legendary gun skin you should use for your weapon to reach the ideal stats, here are the top 10 best guns skin in Free Fire you can opt for.

1. Blue Flame Draco (AK)

Damage: +

Rate of Fire: ++

Movement Speed: -

Blue Flame Draco
Blue Flame Draco

This is an Evo skin including special specs like kill, hit, firing effect, exclusive emote, kill announcement… The Blue Frame Draco was available before in the Faded Wheel event.

Although it is currently rare to get among players, you can check out the latest events and updates with our Free Fire redeem codes today.

2. Unicorn's Rage (Golden Era) (AK)

Magazine: ++

Range: -

Unicorns Rage
Unicorn's Rage (Golden Era)

To name another best guns skin in Free Fire, we call Unicorn’s Rage. AK is famous for its supreme damage rate. After equipping this skin, damage rate and accuracy will both level up.

The sole setback is it would cut down the magazine capacity of your weapon. Despite that, the boosted accuracy will make it up for the humbler magazine capacity

3. VSS Vandal Revolt

Rate of Fire: ++

Range: -

Vss Vandal Revolt
VSS Vandal Revolt

Of all the Free Fire VSS gun skins, the VSS Vandal revolt looks quite nice. It can also double the fire rate and is more effective and flexible in close-range fights compared to the original base gun.

Having Steffi’s character theme, this skin is artistically abstract-colored. Using this gun skin would you big time to compete with other SMGs.

4. Megalodon Alpha (Scar)

Damage: +

Rate of Fire: ++

Reload Speed: -

Megalodon Alpha Scar
Megalodon Alpha

Another one of the best gun skins in Fre Fire is Megalodon Alpha. The Evo gun skin can be upgraded to level 7. While it enhances the damage rate of Scar as well as doubles its fire rate, the gun skin decreases the reloading speed of the weapon.

5. Duke Swallowtail (AWM)

Rate of Fire: ++

Refill Speed: -

Magazine: +

Duke Swallowtail
Duke Swallowtail is the best guns skin in Free Fire

Did someone ask about the best skin of all guns in Free Fire? Because Duke Swallowtail is the answer.

The weapon skin is probably the most visually appealing of all. It is adorned with a butterfly flapping its wings on the pistol. The skin with a red and pink aura is also useful in increasing AWM’s magazine capacity and firing speed. On another hand, the reloading speed gets reduced a little.

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6. VSS Pink Love

Rate of Fire: ++

Refill speed: -

Vss Pink Love
VSS Pink Love

In general, this skin’s damage abilities and buff effects are identical to Vandal Revolt. Although it may look less eye-catching, the reload time gets shorter when this best skin of all guns in Free Fire is applied.

Meanwhile, VSS Pink Love will also slightly slow the reload speed down which is not too noticeable.

7. Apocalyptic Red (M1014)

Magazine Capacity: -

Fire Rate: ++

Reload speed: ++

Apocalyptic Red M1014
Apocalyptic Red

Apocalyptic Red is also the best guns skin in Free Fire. It comes with animation on display and an overall red-golden color emerging from the barrel. It is even listed in the best weapon skins for each category in 2021.

This weapon skin can double the M1014 fire rate as well as the speed of reloading. Meanwhile, the magazine capacity may go down a tad bit.

8. M4A1 Griffin’s Fury

Rate of Fire: ++

Range: +

Reload Speed: -

M4a1 Griffins Furys
Griffin's Fury

This is a rare weapon skin that can be attained only at specific times. It was first introduced at the Bullseye Event in March 2020.

Regarding bonuses, the skin will offer an extremely high rate of fire. Its range bonus will also make the gun’s shooting range more expansive.

9. Mechanical Girl

Damage: ++

Range: +

Reload Speed: +

Mechanical Girl
Mechanical Girl looks girly but is also the best guns skin in Free Fire.

Covered in purple and pink, it would fool you with its skin design. It packs huge damage to anybody it aims at and boosts the gun’s damage range.

The electro theme skin makes the person holding it more dangerous than ever.

10. M4A1 Cataclysm

Rate of Fire:++

Damage: +

Range: -

M4a1 Cataclysm
M4A1 - Cataclysm

The 10th best guns skin in Free Fire we want to introduce to you is M4A1 Cataclysm or M4A1 Plague. It brings about 2 bonus statuses that all Survivors seek after: the damage and fire rate. This best gun skin for M4A1 lets your gun compete with other AR weapons like SCAR or AUG.

There is, unfortunately, a bit decrease in range. However, it would not affect the M4A1’s performance which is relatively power-pack in mid-range fights.

You can get this skin from the M4A1 Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate which is available for 60 Diamonds in the Armory Shop.

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