Light Machine Guns or LMG is a hybrid gun class: a combination between the range and damage of the AR and the fire rate of the SMG. Due to their weight and low accuracy, LMGs are the least used weapon class in Free Fire. Garena decided to fix that in the OB27 update, with all 3 weapons getting a new "machine gun mode" that activates upon crouching.

In this article, we would list out all 3 light machine guns in Free Fire to see which one is better than the others.

1 - M60

The first and the most basic LMG released in Free Fire is the M60.

Captain Bubbles M60 in Free Fire
Captain Bubbles M60 in Free Fire

Overall, it is just a slightly bulkier AR with a larger magazine. With the machine gun mode activated, the M60 gets an extra 28% rate of fire, which boosts its DPS exponentially. You get an easier time scoring headshots with the higher fire rate as well.

If you are going to use the M60, just fire it in a similar fashion as an AR. A bipod is a needed attachment to increase its stability and accuracy.

2 - M249

Overall, the airdrop-only M249 is more or less an upgraded version of the M60, with all the same strengths and weaknesses. However, the M249 has a bigger range and magazine size, at 77 and 100 respectively. With this gun equipped and skill supports, you can tear through gloo walls like paper.

M249 Clownfish
M249 Clownfish in Free Fire

The Machine gun mode gives the M249 even more damage (+5) when crouched. You can definitely score some reliable damage with it.

3 - Kord

Kord is the newest weapon among all light machine guns in Free Fire, added as part of the OB27 update. It seems to be a "middle tier" between the M60 and the M249, with average magazine size, damage and fire rate. Overall, the best part about the gun is its special machine gun mode - it is stronger than both the previous guns combined.

Kord is the best LMG in Free Fire

On top of the extra 5% fire rate, the Kord can fire 3 shots at once with the mode activated.

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4 - Which is the best LMG in Free Fire?

Overall, the Kord is definitely the top candidate for the Best light machine gun in Free Fire title. With it being in the middle of the M60 and M249, it has the weakness of neither. Its machine gun mode is also the strongest as well, with the ability to shoot 3 bullets at the same time. With the machine gun mode activated, the Kord should have the highest DPS out of the three weapons.

Number 2 is probably the M249 - it has very high DPS in machine-gun mode and is deadly in close range. This makes it better than the M60, which has a lower damage per shot.

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