Garena Free Fire boasts one of the biggest weapon collections in the world of mobile gaming. This Battle Royale title now owns 50 usable weapons, ranging from melee to heavy ones. The number is still counting as the game adds more and more to its already gigantic arsenal. The latest addition is the Kord machine gun. Will this piece of firearm singlehandedly turn the tide of the current meta? Let's find out together in our article on the Kord gun in Free Fire!

About the Kord Gun in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire released its latest OB27 update at 6 PM (IST) on April 14, 2021. The patch brought about tons of new changes and features, making it the biggest update of 2021 by far. Free Fire survivors can now enjoy a fresh User Interface, much-needed weapon balances, new characters, and more.

The OB27 update also welcomes a brand new weapon to the battlefield, the Kord LMG (Light Machine Gun). This absolute beast of a firearm looks and sounds menacing. It is built with one sole purpose for Free Fire survivors: to rain bullets on the enemies.

"The Kord is an LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprising fire. Crouch down and fire to destroy all the players", Garena Free Fire.Fir

The Kord Gun in Real Life

In reality, the Kord is a heavy machine gun designed to replace the older NSV machine gun. It's a Russian model, so that explains the beefy and intimidating look of the weapon.

Kord Gun
The Kord is an actual piece of a firearm in the Russian Army

The Kord features the old look of the NSV model, but the entire internal mechanism has been extensively reworked. They changed it from a horizontally pivoting breech block to a rotating bolt design. On top of that, the gas system also underwent massive re-forge to reduce recoil, allowing greater accuracy.

High accuracy, combined with a large magazine, makes the Kord a true threat in sustained fire.

The Kord's Stats in Free Fire

Being a Light Machine Gun, there are a few things you may expect from this gun. First of all, it has to boast a massive magazine. LMGs are supposed to spit bullets out of a barrel in seconds, so it would not be ideal to have just 30 rounds in the chamber.

New Gun Kord
Free Fire OB27 introduces the Kord.

Next, the speed, or rate of fire. You want the Kord to be fast, like insanely fast in the Auto mode. But it also has to be accurate at the same time. It does not make sense to bring a weapon that can not hit the target onto the battlefields.

And last but not least, to balance out the gun, of course, the base damage needs to be reduced. If a fast and accurate gun can deal massive damage per shot, it would make other guns in Free Fire totally irrelevant.

Free Fire Ob 27
Have you checked out the new features in OB27?

With that being said, let's check out whether the Kord has the above-mentioned features.

Stats of the Kord Gun in Free Fire

According to the official Weapon page on the Garena Free Fire website, the Kord has the following stats:

Weapon Balances Ob27
Weapon and Balances in Free Fire Ob27 Update
  • Damage: 59
  • Range: 73
  • Magazine: 80
  • Movement Speed: 58
  • Rate of Fire: 52
  • Reload Speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 34
  • Armor Penetration: 0
  • Available Attachment Slot: Scope
  • Machine Gun Mode: increase the rate of fire by 5%, fire three bullets at once.

Compared to the other two LMGs in Free Fire, namely the GATLING and M249, the Kord has a slightly higher damage stat. However, its effective range is lower, and it has the worst base accuracy.

Free Fire Lmgs
The Kord's stats in comparison with those of other LMGs

Therefore, we can easily put the Kord gun in Free Fire in the best for close-range combat class. It has high base damage and a decent fire rate, making it fearsome in face-to-face combats. However, when we move to the mid to long-range, this gun falls off dramatically. Its accuracy is way too low for this purpose.

Where to Find The Kord Gun in Free Fire?

The new Kord LMG won't be hard to find. It's available as common loot on all maps in both Free Fire Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes.

Will The Kord Be The New Meta?

The Kord is a powerful LMG, we will give you that for sure. But the Kord gun in Free Fire damage alone does not cut it. Regarding the stats, this weapon is not as versatile as its counterparts (Gatling and M249). Even with the Machine Gun mode on, this weapon will still struggle to compete with a reliable SCAR or an SMG. Therefore, we don't think that the Kord will be the next meta in Garena Free Fire. But it does not mean this gun doesn't deserve picking up.

Ob 27 New Features Kord
The Kord will be a common loot

If you feel like the Kord may be more than what we said, feel free to leave a comment down below. Stay tuned for more Free Fire articles with

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