The aesthetic side of Garena Free Fire has become a major attraction for players around the world. These items, especially bundles, are the hope and dream of any Free Fire survivors, boasting incredible value. And Garena knows it! They constantly introduce new bundles, one after another to mesmerize the players.

Airspeed Ace Bundle
Grab the Airspeed Ace Bundle now in Free Fire

Just yesterday, the game released a brand new bundle - the Airspeed Ace. And also, it's a time-limited item, meaning you can not acquire it outside a certain time frame. What makes it worse is that the time frame is only this week! So, how do you grab the Airspeed Ace bundle in Free Fire?

Acquire the Airspeed Ace Bundle from The Fever Spin in Garena Free Fire

The Fever Spin is the place where you earn the Airspeed Ace Bundle from. It, together with the Scythe – Airspeed Ace, makes up the prize pool of the spin. The Fever Spin started yesterday, April 19, 2021, and will conclude on April 25, 2021.

Airspeed Ace Bundle Event Details
The Fever Spin event is only available this week.

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How to Play the Fever Spin?

In this event, players must spend Free Fire Diamonds to spin and win random rewards from the prize pool. A single spin costs 20 Diamonds, and you can also buy a pack of five spins for 90 Diamonds.

You're guaranteed to win the Scythe – Airspeed Ace after 10 spins, but it's not the same with the bundle.

Airspeed Ace Bundle Fever Spin
Spin to win the new bundle

But the new Fever Mode may be of some help in getting the Airspeed Ace Bundle. Once activated, this mode will last 15 minutes, offering players a hefty discount of 20% for all of the next spins. Players can unlock this feature after making 10 spins and win the skin for the new melee weapon Scythe.

Once the duration of the Fever Mode is over, you can reactivate it by making another ten spins.

Check out the prize pool for the Fever Spin Event:

  • #1 Airspeed Ace Bundle
  • #2 Scythe – Airspeed Ace
  • #3 Red Hot bundle
  • #4 Moon Flip emote
  • #5 2021 Lunar New Year (Top)
  • #6 2021 Lunar New Year (Bottom)
  • #7 2021 Lunar New Year (Shoes)
  • #8 Pet Skin HipHop Shiba
  • #9 2021 Lunar Fest (Top)
  • #10 2021 Lunar Fest (Bottom)
  • #11 2021 Lunar Fest (Shoes)
  • #12 Vampire Backpack
  • #13 Wings of Devil parachute
  • #14 Fiery Flames Surfboard
  • #15 Dragon Lair Backpack
  • #16 Cube Fragment
  • #17 Diamond Royale Voucher
  • #18 Gold Royale Voucher
  • #19 Gun crates and misc. items
Airspeed Ace Bundle Prize Pool
Check out the prize pool of Fever Spin in Free Fire April 2021!

All Free Fire players can access the Fever Spin event from the Calendar icon on the main lobby screen.

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