Nobody wants to fight with melee weapons in Free Fire, as no one would bring a sword to a gunfight... However, know when and how to use these melee weapons is not a bad thing, as sometimes pulling out a blade in close-quarter is actually a good idea.

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And in the upcoming update, players are going to get yet another new melee weapon: the sickle. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the weapon.


1 - About the new melee weapon 'Scythe' in Free Fire

This weapon is going to be added in the new year patch, as part of the Bermuda 2.0 map. Its drop rate is going to be the same as other melee weapons in Free Fire. It is unsure if the weapon would drop in Purgatory or Kalahari.


Overall, the scythe is pretty ornate, with a long wooden handle and a curved long blade on the tip. It would be the longest weapon melee weapon in Free Fire, with even more reach than the Katana or the Bat. You can expect the scythe's swings to be slower to compensate for this.

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Fun Fact: The scythe already exists in Free Fire's files previously... as part of a special game mode named Grim Reaper. It is unknown if this mode would be part of this update.

2 - Strategy on using the Scythe

As the scythe is fairly large, you can expect to be able to block bullets by swinging it repeatedly similar to other melee weapons. The large range lets you fight even better in small corridors - try hiding in rooms to ambush passing enemies.

Try to aim for a headshot using the scythe's longer reach.

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