In a mobile shooter like Free Fire, the weapon roster is probably the most important factor. Not all guns are created equal, however - each come with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can just fire away using the MP40 in close range without having to worry about recoil... but when it comes to the AK, firing more than 3 bullets at a time is not ideal.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 hardest to use weapons in the game.

1 - M79

The M79 is a fairly hard-to-use weapon, especially if you are engaging in long-range combat. You have to lob the projectile in a curve so that the blast AOE hits the target... while the bullet has a pretty terrible speed.


With the M79 being a single-shot weapon.... you also need to make every shot count, otherwise, you would just be wasting time.

2 - Crossbow

Crossbow No Free Fire

An explosive single-shot weapon. Similar to the M79, the crossbow is a single shot weapon and fires a slow explosive bolt. The difference here is that you can just aim at your target with the crossbow and not having to calculate the curve. Overall, it is a slightly easier-to-use weapon than the launcher but still mostly not worth using.

3 - AUG

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This is the second heaviest gun in the game, after the Gatling. You would have problems moving around when using this gun... and coupled with its relatively low accuracy, your shots are much more likely to hit nothing.

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4 - Heatgun

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The heat gun does not consume ammo - it just overloads after you use it for a certain period of time. Overall, you need to get yourself familiar with the pattern of the gun before using it... as getting an overload in the middle of the fight could be a problem.

5 - M1873


A mediocre weapon - with 8 range and 10 accuracy, you would need to be right next to your target for it to work, which rarely happens in-game. At least it is a sidearm and not a main weapon. Fun fact: this is actually the oldest weapon in the game.

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