Free Fire, the most popular battle royale title in India, has grown exponentially in recent years. It has inspired many content creators in the country to stream the game on multiple platforms... and amongst them, YouTube is by far the most popular. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 Free Fire YouTubers with the most subscribers in India.

1 - Total Gaming

24.6 million subscribers

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) remains the most popular Free Fire YouTuber in the country to date, with almost double the subscriber count of the number two spot on this list. Besides being a phenomenal player, Total Gaming also helps other players by giving them tips so that they can improve their gameplay.

Total Gaming Free Fire Id
Total Gaming Free Fire Id

In addition to his main channel, Total Gaming also has three other side channels: Total Gaming Live, TG Highlights, and AJJUBHAI. Fun fact: Ajjubhai's real name is Ajay... however, his face and full name have never been revealed to the public.

To check out his channel, click here.

2 - A_S Gaming

11.6 million subscribers

A_S Gaming's real name is Sahil Rana. He is a notable Free Fire creator and the second Indian Free Fire YouTuber ever to pass the ten million subscribers mark. Sahil is very dedicated - he has over a billion views on his channel and uploads contents very regularly. The best part about his streams is probably Sahil's ability to keep his fans entertained by his wit and sense of humor.

A_S Gaming Free Fire ID
A_S Gaming Free Fire ID

Sahil Rana is actually fairly new on YouTube. He only starts creating content over two years back, with the oldest video being released in January 2019.

To check out his channel, click here.

3 - Lokesh Gamer

10.4 million subscribers

Lokesh Gamer aka Lokesh Raj Singh is the third Free Fire creator to pass the 10 million subscribers mark in India. He is currently the leader of the guild Team Hind - one of the few streamers who also play competitively. Lokesh is the streamer with the fastest-growing viewer base on this list.

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Lokesh Gamer
Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID

He usually does live streams on his other channel, LR7 Gaming. His most viewed video has over 10 million views and in the last 30 days, over a million players have subscribed to his new channel. In April, Lokesh Gamer ranked fifth out of 10 Free Fire Youtubers in India, but this month he has climbed to Top 3.

To check out his channel, click here.

4 - Desi Gamers

10.2 million subscribers

Amit Sharma or Amitbhai is a variety streamer who streams Free Fire and other popular games like Minecraft or Among Us... etc. His branching off from creating just Free Fire content has been really successful, with videos of other games getting a comparable number of views to Free Fire videos.

Desi Gamers
Desi Gamers Free Fire ID

Desi Gamers also have another channel dedicated to streaming called Desi Army. It currently has over three million subscribers... and Amitbhai's live stream Free Fire videos are on that channel.

To check out his channel, click here.

5 - Gyan Gaming

9.9 million subscribers

Gyan Gaming aka Gyan Sujan has been creating Free Fire content on YouTube for over 3 years now. The streamer originates from West Bengal and has been streaming since 2018. He is one of the oldest Free Fire gamers with a reputable level of 74. His specialty on stream is pranking his friends in Free Fire to create amusing situations for viewers.

Gyan Gaming
Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID

Gyan Gaming also has another channel named Nightbot with over 2.5 million views. The most-watched video on his main channel has over 16 million, however, so that particular channel still has a while to go.

To check out his channel, click here.

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