Gold is one of the two in-game currencies of Free Fire and the only thing a free-to-play player could count on. There are a lot of things that you can spend gold on... and because of that, you need to get as much of it as possible. In this article, we would showcase how to get gold quickly in Free Fire.

Where can you get gold in Free Fire?

Gold in Free Fire can be obtained by playing Classic or Ranked Matches, with the daily cap for earnings being 800 per day. Outside of this, you can get gold from events and elite passes. Not many things in the game can be bought with Gold, but without it, you can't progress.

Character shop
A lot of Free Fire characters are obtainable by gold

In Free Fire, Gold is used for buying characters, individual character skill slots, and spinning in Gold Royale.

How to get Gold quickly in Free Fire

While getting gold might sound pretty straightforward, sometimes you don't have the time to grind. Here are some tips to maximize your Gold gain in the game.

Claim the 24 hours gold boosts

In fact, those 1-day gold boost events are definitely the best period to grind. They usually occur once an update reaches its climax, with everyone getting a 1 day buff of experience, gold gain, and gold limit boost. This is usually your best opportunity to grind for gold and exp in Free Fire - you need to take advantage of it.

Events usually give gold and exp boost

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Use the Double Gold cards

Occasionally, you would obtain cards from the Free Fire Elite Pass or events that increase the rate of gold earned per match. Similar cards won't stack on top of each other - they only increase the duration and add more time until the expiration date is reached.

Double Gold Cards
Gold Cards are the best way to farm this resource faster.

The fastest way to gain gold is by having two cards of different values (100% and 50%) to make your gold earned buff stack up to 150% or 2.5x of the normal amount. With the buff active, just play fast-paced modes like Clash Squad to farm more efficiently.

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