Garena has been constantly updating Free Fire with new content to keep the game fresh and the player base engaged. They tend to bring over collabs from the most unexpected sources - from animes to random singers from various countries... and even the world-famous CR7. And now, Garena has announced an official collaboration between Free Fire and one of the biggest Formula 1 teams, McLaren Racing.

Free Fire × McLaren
Free Fire × McLaren: Maxim, Misha and the Waggor Pet

In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out everything you need to know about this collab.

About the new collaboration vehicles

The collaboration is going to bring two new skin for the Sportscar into the game. The first one is going to be named MCLFF (an abbreviation for McLaren-Free Fire). It takes inspiration from various other McLaren race cars, including the famous MCL35M.

The MCLFF was made in collaboration with the design team of McLaren Racing itself. Apparently, the MCLFF is "McLaren's vision of the future", with some futuristic details that aren't in normal vehicles.

Free Fire x McLaren Collab
Apparently, the golden car is the P1 and the purple one is the MCLFF.

The second skin of this event is the McLaren P1, one of the most famous cars from McLaren. Only 375 cars of this model have ever been produced. The P1 has participated in the highest levels of car racing. Overall, it is one of the best racing vehicles in the world.

The Real life McLaren P1
The real-life McLaren P1 in the Free Fire × McLaren collab

Players can take these iconic cars and drive around Free Fire's three maps during the collab. Furthermore, the training island's race tracks are going to also feature them as well. Players can cruise around Bermuda, Kalahari and Purgatory on these famous race cars.

Statements from Garena and McLaren

Apparently, both parties are very excited about the prospect of the Free Fire × McLaren collaboration.


The McLaren P1 is designed, engineered, and built to be the best driver’s car in the world. On the other hand, the MCLFF will represent McLaren’s vision of the future, where Grand Prix racing meets the age of advanced technology.


We look forward to our players enjoying the best of McLaren in Free Fire. Collaborations like this allow us to deliver new experiences for current players and interest others to try Free Fire out.

One of McLaren's Formula 1 racing drivers, Lando Norris, is also going to be featured in this collaboration. Besides the vehicles, various McLaren-themed skins for cosmetics are also a part of this event. From driver's overalls with McLaren colors and designs to gloo wall skins, surfboard skins, and emotes... all available for free to all Free Fire players.

For your information, McLaren also collaborated with PUBG Mobile to introduce McLaren 570S into the game.

Overall, this event is going to be just as big as a normal event in Free Fire. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the Top 5 Most Powerful Shotgun Skins In Free Fire 2021.