Free Fire is one of the most customizable shooter games, with players being able to build their loadout using character skins, weapon skins and pets. While often overlooked, pets are powerful and possess unique skills that no normal character would have.

Garena has just released a new Alien pet called Moony into the game. In this article, we would show you how to get pet Moony for free and details about its skills.

About the new Moony Pet

Moony is the third flying pet in Free Fire. It is an alien wearing a hip-hop costume while sitting on a flying saucer. Overall, the pet looks really outlandish and stylish - much weirder than the usual pets in the game.

Moony Pet
Moony Pet in Free Fire

His ability is a passive skill called Paranormal Protection. This name is rather weird, as Moony is an alien and not a supernatural creature. With this pet equipped, the owner would take up to 20% less damage while in an interaction countdown (using Medkit, repairing...etc).

Free Fire Moony Top Up Event
This skin is unlocked upon reaching level 6

While this ability might sound useless, it actually has some niche usage in this fast-paced meta. For example, if you are healing using medkit in the middle of combat with Maxim's skill, even if enemies catch up, the bonus damage reduction would still give you an edge.

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How to get the Moony Pet for free

The Moony Top Up event began today and would last until the end of the month. Players only need to top up 100 diamonds to get the pet for free as a special reward. Furthermore, players can also unlock the Crystal Moony skin for 300 diamonds top-up and a free Safari Riot blueprint for 1000.

Moony Top-up event
Moony Top-up event

After topping up the required amount, just get to the "Events" section of the game and redeem the rewards.

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