Free Fire has a lot of extra systems for players to build up their own unique characters. From character skills to weapons skins and even pets - you need to actually calculate to get the best build possible. In OB28 Advance Server, Garena is going to introduce a new "duck" pet. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about this pet.

1 - About the new duck pet in Free Fire

The name of the pet in the English server is not revealed yet, but in the Brazillian server, it is known as "PaTopinho". Its silhouette is revealed in various promotion materials in other servers as well. Based on the shadow, it looks like a baby duckling with an overly big head.

Free Fire Ob28
Free Fire's new guns, characters and duck pet in OB28 Advance Server

Because of that, it is likely that this pet can't fly and just waddling along on the ground.

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2 - About Duck pet's ability

The new Duck pet would have a special ability called "Duck Dance". It is a passive ability that increases the movement of players while crouching. This is actually rather fitting to the "duck" theme, with the user having to crouch around like a duck.

Kord Gun Free Fire
The Kord would be perfect when used in combination with the duck pet

This pet is going to be perfect to use in combination with the new LMG's machine gun mode in OB27. All three guns provide various bonuses when crouched... and the duck pet increases your movement speed while doing so.

Garena Free Fire Crouching
Crouching while using an LMG for the damage bonus

Strategically, the duck pet is going to be useful for players who like to camp in buildings or enclosed spots, as moving when crouched would not create sound, letting them ambush their enemies easier.

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