One of the best things about Free Fire is that it releases new monthly events at a very frequent rate. With these events, players can get free rewards, skins, items, or buy items at a greatly discounted price.

Yesterday, Free Fire released an event called Hacker’s Store for players to get exclusive bundles for a really cheap price. In this article, we will explain how this event work and how can get the desired items in the event.

Free Fire Hacker’s Store Event

The Free Fire Hacker’s Store Event starts from May 24 until May 31. The event features 6 grand prizes including 3 bundles and 3 weapon skins:

  • The Trendy Clubber Bundle.
  • The Lush Clubber Bundle.
  • The Sakura Clubber Bundle.
  • AK47 Winterlands skin.
  • M4A1 Pink Laminate skin.
  • SCAR Phantom Assasin skin.
Hackers Store Free Fire
You can choose one Grand Prize from the pool

There are also 6 Bonus Prizes including:

  • Character Dasha.
  • Spirit Fox pet.
  • Death Glare emote.
  • The Baby Clown.
  • Name Change Card.
  • Moon Flip.
Hackers Store Free Fire 1
Choose 1 Bonus prize from the 6 items

You can choose 1 Grand Prize and 1 Bonus Prize. After choosing your prize you can spin for a chance to get the prizes you chose. The spin will have 6 items, including the 2 items you choose. If you spin on an item, that item will be removed from the pool and you won't spin on it again. You are guarantee to get all the prizes after 6 spins.

Hackers Store Free Fire 2
The first spin will only cost 9 Diamonds and the cost will increase after each spin

The first spin will cost 9 Diamonds and the cost will increase with each spin, up to 499 Diamonds for the last spin.

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