The OB28 update is coming with many new Free Fire characters and features. The OB28 Advance Server is also coming close for players to enter and test out the new update. According to recent leaks, the new character who will be coming to Free Fire is a male character D-Bee, a street musician and dancer.

Free Fire D Bee Character
Image of Free Fire new D-Bee character in the OB28 update

Free Fire D-Bee character ability

Free Fire D-Bee character in OB28 Update will have a passive skill called Bullet Strike. This skill will load him extra ammo while firing and moving, increase his movement speed, and increase his accuracy while moving.

Basically, D-Bee will give you 3 effects that all support you while you shooting and moving at the same time. This mostly happens when you are in close-range or mid-range combats.

At the first look, a weapon that can combo well with D-Bee will be the M1887 shotgun. The M1887 benefit from all the effects of D-Bee's ability, especially the extra ammo, the biggest weakness of the M1887.

More details of the new Free Fire D-Bee character will be revealed later.

How to get D-Bee character in Free Fire

It seems that D-Bee will be available through a top-up event when he is released.

D Bee Top Up
The new D-Bee character will be available in a top-up event.

Free Fire OB28 new features

Free Fire released a teaser poster on their Indonesia Facebook fan page, revealing 5 new things that will be coming to Free Fire in OB28 updates. We know 2 of them are D-Bee and the Micro UZI now.

Free Fire Ob28
5 new upcoming features that are coming to Free Fire in the OB28 update

There is still a new pet, a new grenade, and a new sniper rifle t0 be revealed. What do you think these new updates are? Follow Gurugamer to get the latest news and updates about the OB28 updates of Free Fire.

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