In Battle Royale mode, Backpack is a very important factor to consider. The space of your inventory is limit so you cannot just pick up everything you want. If you are not mindful about what you pick up, you will often end up getting a full backpack and not be able to pick up essential items.

In this article, we will bring you some Free Fire tips to increase backpack capacity.

1. Don't bring unnecessary items

One mistake that many players make is picking too many unnecessary items such as attachments and ammo of weapons they don't have.

Free Fire Backpac
Only pick up the most necessary items

To increase backpack capacity in Free Fire, don't pick too much ammo for the weapon you are using. Around 60 to 100 ammo is enough for you to play until the end of the game. You can also always loot more from the body of other players you kill.

There is just no chance that you can use up all those ammo. Make space for Gloo Wall, Frag Grenade, and Med Kit instead.

2. Use Paloma character

Paloma allows you to store up to 180 AR ammo without consuming the space of your backpack. This could free up a lot of space in your inventory for other utilities. Of course, you need to use weapons that use AR ammo in order to make use of this skill.

Paloma allows you to store up tp 180 AR ammo without using your inventory space.

3. Utilize Night Panther pet

The Night Panther pet can increase backpack capacity by 45 at the max level, allowing you to store more items. Unlike Paloma, this extra inventory space is not limited to AR ammo.

Night Panther
You can get 45 extra inventory space with the Night Panther pet.

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