Although with a little delay, the Free Fire World Series is coming, and along with it are tons of new events and rewards for players to join and claim. One of the Free Fire World Series events is the Master Showcase event which lasts from May 17 to May 26. The event features many activities for players to get badges and rewards.

Free Fire World Series
The Free Fire World Series is coming with a bunch now new in-game events.

Master Showcase Quiz

One of the activities in the event requires you to watch a video and answer all the quizzes in order to get rewards and badges. While they are not too hard, it might take quite some time to get all of them right if you don't watch the video carefully and notice small things.

Here we will show you all the quizzes and the correct answer to them.

Q1: One of the four main characters wears the iconic FF skin. What is the name of this skin?

  • Green Dino (Right answer)
  • Samurai
  • Dark Clown

Q2: What is the color of the pan with FFWS logo?

  • Green
  • Purple (Right answer)
  • White

Q3: What was painted on the wall in the scene where the artist was seen climbing down a ladder?

  • A red tree (Right answer)
  • A giant boat
  • A shiny trophy

After completing all 3 Master Showcase Quiz questions, you will get a Test Robot Badge and a Weapon Royale Voucher.

Master Showcase Quiz
Master Showcase Quiz rewards, Test Robot Badge, and a Weapon Royale Voucher

The Free Fire World Series will start the Play-Ins on May 28 and the Grand Final on May 30.

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