Recently, on the official Garena Free Fire Indonesia Instagram, they posted a picture, revealing 5 new updates in the OB28 update. Based on the shape of these things, we can easily guess that there will be a new pet, a new character, a new grenade, and 2 new weapons.

Free Fire Ob28
Garena revealed 5 new features that will be coming in the next update.

Free Fire OB28 new features

Players have been debating and giving out different answers for these 5 images about new features in Free Fire OB28 update. But most people agree that one of the new weapons will be the Micro UZI in Free Fire due to its unique shape.

For people who have been playing a lot of shooter games, the Micro UZI is a familiar weapon. It is a powerful SMG with a fast rate of fire and high damage for close-range encounters.

Micro Uzi Free Fire
The Micro UZI is a powerful SMG with a high rate of fire.

The Micro UZI is also a lightweight weapon and can be used in Akimbo mode in games such as Fornite and Crossfire. This means the Mirco UZI Free Fire might be the second weapon with an Akimbo mode in Free Fire apart from the Vector.

The pet seems to be a duck based on his look. As for the new character, it might be Sverr based on his look. The other new weapon might be a sniper rifle that uses AR ammo.

Free Fire Sverr
Sverr might be the new character in the next update.

But that is just our speculation. We will just have to wait and see if it is the truth when the OB28 Advance Server opens. The good news is that the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server is going to open soon and we will get to see what is coming.

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