In the latest announcement from Free Fire India Esports, the famous Free Fire esports team Total Gaming Esports has been disqualified from the Free Fire City Open 2021 along with 8 other teams.

Total Gaming Esports is no straight face in the Indian Free Fire community. They were found by the most popular Free Fire YouTuber in India, Ajju Bhai, who has more than 20 million subscribers. The team has been in many big Free Fire tournaments and won many of them.

Free Fire Open City 2021
The Free Fire Open City 2021 features the best team from all around India

Total Gaming Esports banned from Free Fire City Open 2021

On May 6, 2021, 8 teams were found out using cheats in the Free Fire City Open 2021. And so, Free Fire decided to open an investigation to verify all the 3000 teams that were chosen from the FFC Cup mode in Free Fire.

They have found out that several teams and players, including Total Gaming players, have registered multiple times in the tournament which is against the rules.

Tg Fozyajay
Fozy Ajay is a well-known player of Total Gaming Esports

Fozy Ajay and Mafia Bala, 2 players in the Total Gaming roster were found out to register in the FFC mode multiple times for team TG-Delhi and team FOMZYvai. All these players and teams who have them will be banned from the Free Fire City Open 2021:

Free fIre Mafiabala
Mafiabala was banned for register multiple times

List of disqualified teams from the Free Fire City Open 2021:

  1. PVS GAMING (Banned player in the team)
  2. Pvs Gaming (Banned player in the team)
  3. NO_MERCY… (Banned player in the team)
  4. TGB—ARMY (Banned player in the team)
  5. unstoppable???? (Banned player in the team)
  6.  X-factor (Banned player in the team)
  7.  FOMZYvai (Multiple signups)
  8. TG-Delhi. (Multiple signups)
  9. LVL-AMATERASU (Failure to verify account ownership)

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