The Dragunov or SVD in Free Fire is a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) that has one of the highest damage potentials in the game. It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can fire much faster than the AWM... with slightly less damage. However, there is a way to make the weapon even better: you can equip one of the five skins below.

5 - SVD Artificial Intelligence

As the SVD's base form is already strong enough, even bonuses like magazines can be much more useful than usual. The SVD Artificial Intelligence has a double bonus on the magazine - you can fire it for longer without having to reload. The demerit of lower reload speed is not noticeable at all. This skin is white with a purple streak on top.

SVD Artificial Intelligence
SVD Skin Artificial Intelligence

This skin can be acquired from the Artificial Intelligence Weapon Loot Crate which can be purchased at the Armory Shop.

4 - SVD Loose Cannon

The SVD Loose Cannon has a more varied bonus than the previous skin. Besides Magazine+, it also has a bit of extra accuracy, which the SVD sorely needs. The reload speed demerit is pretty much the same - barely noticeable. Design-wise, the Loose Cannon SVD actually looks pretty decent, with a body of black and various red details.

SVD Loose Cannon
SVD Skin Loose Cannon

This skin can be acquired from the Loose Cannon Weapon Loot Crate which can be purchased at the Armory Shop.

3 - SVD Swordsman Legends

The SVD Swordsman Legends has all the bonus of the #5 with an extra Damage+ on top. This makes the already powerful damage stat of the SVD even higher. The demerit of lower accuracy is somewhat of a problem, however, but it can be overcome with skill. The SVD Swordsman Legends look much better than the usual skins, with a holographic purple shuriken on its body.

SVD Swordsman Legends
SVD Skin Swordsman Legends

This skin can be acquired from the Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Crate at the Armory Shop.

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2 - SVD The Falconer

This SVD skin is going to be part of the Maro event... and it comes with a bonus that the gun actually needs. At the cost of lower magazine size, the SVD Falconer has a higher fire rate and reload speed, which makes the gun deadlier than ever. The look of this skin is inspired by the new character Maro.

SVD The Falconer
SVD Skin The Falconer

Players can acquire this skin from The Falconer Weapon Loot Crate.

1 - SVD Spirited Overseers

This is the best SVD skin ever released in Free Fire despite being only "Rare". The bonuses are excellent - the higher fire rate and magazine let the SVD deal damage much quicker and more consistently. The demerit of a lower movement speed does not matter that much. The Spirited Overseers is a golden weapon with various red decorations.

SVD Spirited Overseers
SVD Skin Spirited Overseers

This skin can be acquired from the Spirited Overseers Weapon Loot Crate which can be purchased at the Armory Shop.

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