In spite of not having massive popularity like AWM, the SVD still has a lot of fans in Free Fire thanks to its decent damage and capabilities for long-range ambushes. This sniper gun actually doesn’t offer too many skins in tow but there’s an awe-inspiring skin called Swordsman Legends that will no doubt blow your mind!

Svd Swordsman Legends Free Fire
There’s an awe-inspiring skin called Swordsman Legends that will no doubt blow your mind!

What is the SVD Swordsman Legends skin?

As the name suggested, Swordsman Legends is a legendary weapon skin made for some guns like the SVD and M60 in Free Fire. This exclusive skin has just arrived in the game for a little while.

Swordsman Legends Free Fire
The 'Swordsman Legends' collection in Free Fire

How to obtain the SVD Swordsman Legends skin?

At the moment, everyone can take a look at the SVD Swordsman Legends skin as well as purchase it within the in-game store. The SVD Swordsman Legendary skin takes place in the inventory as a weapon skin loot crate, and the permanent and limited variants are present in the box.

As long as you’ve had enough Diamonds in the account, just make sure that you will be on good terms with the following steps to get your hands on this legendary skin:

Step 1: Open Free Fire

Step 2: Head over to the 'Store' menu at the left-hand corner.

Step 3: Navigate to the 'Armory' tab and you’ll see a new menu of weapon skins prompt.

Free Fire Armory

Step 4: Find the Swordsman Legends SVD skin tab.

Step 5: Press the 'Purchase' button then confirm your choice.

Step 4

Step 6: You’ll then take home a weapon loot crate coupon, which can be used to open the legendary skin crate to decide whether you redeem the skin permanently or for a limited time.

You're allowed to buy as many coupons as you want until you luck out the permanent variant!