Garena is constantly releasing updates for Free Fire every 2 months, bringing fresh new content to the game. The OB27 was an unprecedented patch, with multiple characters both old and new having their skills tweaked. However, there are still a lot of underwhelming characters who need buffs in Free Fire.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 characters who need buff the most in Free Fire OB28

5 - Chrono

Chrono was added into Free Fire during the OB26 patch... and had pretty much broken the game until OB27 hit. His shield back then has a super low cooldown of only 40 seconds... and everyone inside the shield get a massive speed boost.

Chrono's ability suffers after OB27 update.

Garena has reacted too severely in OB27 by quadrupling the cooldown of Time Turner to 170 seconds, making Chrono's ability is barely usable.

Overall, 170 (~3 minutes) is too long of a cooldown. A number between 120 and 100 is much more reasonable.

4 - Ford

Ford is one of the earliest character releases in Free Fire, with one of the most unique abilities in the game. Iron Will reduces the damage players take outside of the safe zone by 20%. While this might sound useful, this ability actually has next to no usage outside of the very final circles of the game.

Ford needs buffs in OB28 to become usable.

Garena can give Ford the Maxim treatment by increasing the numbers of the skill to at least 40 or 50%. This would make the ability actually worth using in the earlier phases of the game.

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3 - Paloma

Paloma is another character from the earliest days of Free Fire, in which they don't know how to balance yet. Her "Arms Dealer" ability makes some of your AR ammo weightless. This is just bad - in the best scenario, this is like one level of a backpack.

Paloma definitely need buffs in OB28.

To fix Paloma, they should make her skill affect all ammo types and increase its value from 180 to something higher.

2 - Nikita

Nikita is one of the weakest characters in Free Fire, with a skill that give reload speed bonus to SMGs, the class with the fastest reload speed. The value of the skill is abysmal as well - it cuts only 24% of reload time, which is like a quarter of a second at best.


Overall, Garena should make Nikita's ability work on all weapons... or increase the numbers to something actually worthwhile like 50%.

1 - Caroline

The most useless characters in Free Fire currently. Caroline's passive skill Agility gives her a whopping 6% of movement speed while holding shotguns. It is like Kelly's skill but worse, as the effect only triggers when you are holding a particular type of weapon.

Caroline needs buffs in OB28.

To fix this skill, Garena should either buff its number to something worthwhile like 15 - 20%... or gives Caroline an awakening similar to Kelly.

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