Last night, the Free Fire World Series 2021 has just concluded with the victory of team Phoenix Force.  They absolutely dominated the Finals with 4 Booyah out of 6 matches and 48 kills. Apart from their in-game skills, their character combos were also an important factor that has led them to the victory.

In this article, we are going to take a look at all the Free Fire character combo used by team Phoenix Force.

1. Chrono Moco Wolfrahh Kelly - The Cruz

We are starting with The Cruz, the rusher of team Phoenix Force. His active skill is Chrono. He combines it with Moco, Wolfrahh, Kelly. Moco can help track the enemy for him and the whole team.

Kelly can provide more movement speed and a slight damage boost. Wolfrahh gives him more damage and damage reduction the more kill he has. Thanks to Wolfrahh, he has made some really excellent clutch in the Finals.

Freefire Update Wolfahh
Wolfrahh can provide damage reduction and damage increase

2. Chrono Maxim Moco Kelly - Joena

Joena's character combo is almost the same as The Cruz. However, he replaces Wolfrahh with Maxim. Maxim got a huge buff in the last patch and now, he can reduce 44% healing items use time.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim got buffed in the OB27, making him a really good character now

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3. Chrono Maxim Moco Hayato - Dlong + Rambo

As Dlong and Rambo, they use the same character combo with Chrono, Maxim, Moco, and Hayato. Just like the other two, they also use Chrono and Moco because they are simply too good.

Hayato is also another really strong character in the last update. With his new Awaken skill, he can give you both armor penetration and damage reduction when your HP is reduced.

Hayato Character In Free Fire
Hayato Awaken is one of the strongest passive ability in Free Fire right now

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