The Free Fire OB28 Update is now available on the Advance server of Free Fire. In this update, we are going to have 2 new weapons, the UZI handgun, and the Kingfisher assault rifle.

In this article, we are going to take a better look at the new Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle and see if it will be the META or it will be forgotten.

Free Fire Ob28 5b2b
Free Fire OB28 update is coming to Free Fire!

Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle

The new Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle is a mid-range weapon. It has an average damage per shot and just an OK effective range, not comparable to M4A1 and Groza.

Kingfisher Free Fire 1
The damage of the Free Fire Kingfisher is average

The weapon has a pre-attached x2 scope but you can still attach an x4 scope or a Thermal scope. The Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle only has a 20-rounds magazine and it cannot attach an additional magazine. The magazine size of this weapon is actually way smaller than most other Assault Rifles in Free Fire.

Kingfisher Free Fire
The Kingfisher Free Fire only has 20 bullets and can't attach a magazine

The upside of this weapon is that it has a pretty fast rate of fire and it is quite accurate in mid-range fights. The weapon can attach a Muzzle, Stock, and a Foregrip to give it more accuracy, range, and stability.

To conclude, the Free Fire Kingfisher Assault Rifle is a mid-range weapon with a high rate of fire, stability, and accuracy. However, it has a small magazine size and does not perform well in long-range combats. There is nothing too stand out about this weapon but we can see that it will be a decent choice like the SCAR and XM8.

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