Diamonds are the ultimate currency that players must have in order to really enjoy Garena Free Fire. With Diamonds, survivors can purchase a rainbow of items as well as take part in various in-game events to acquire exclusive items and beautiful cosmetics. However, such premium currency costs an arm and a leg. That's why we always recommend users save their Diamonds whenever they can. And with the new top up event in Free Fire 2021, you can save a lot of Diamonds.

What is Free Fire Top-Up Event?

A top-up event in Free Fire gives players bonuses for purchasing Diamonds. By topping up a certain number of Diamonds to complete different milestones, survivors can get various rewards depending on the event. Please note that players don't have to spend the Diamonds immediately to get the bonus rewards.

Bonus Diamond Top Up Event Diamonds
There are 4 variants of Free Fire top-up events.

In other words, Free Fire players can get free items just for topping up Diamonds alone. The currency can be saved for other purchases or events later in the game.

There are 4 different types of Free Fire top-up events.

1. Bonus Diamond Top-Up Event

This is perhaps the most profitable yet rarest top-up event in Garena Free Fire. It often gives players a 50%-100% bonus when topping Diamonds. However, the chance of getting a 100% bonus is pretty low. Most of the time, players can only purchase Diamonds with a 50% bonus.

2. New Pet Top-Up Event

Garena often releases a top-up event when Free Fire is launching a new pet such as the latest Moony pet in May 2021.

Free Fire Top Up Happy Shiba Event
Pets and pet bundles can be acquired for free.

In this variant, players will receive the new pet for free when reaching the Diamond milestone. If players purchase more Diamonds than required, they can also obtain pet skins or other items.

3. New Character Top-Up Event

Similarly, Garena also cooks up top-up events when there's a new character coming to the game. The rewards in this variant often include the characters, a miscellaneous item (emote, vouchers,...), and the new characters' bundle.

4. Themed Skins Diamond Top Up

Exclusive skins are also a thing in Garena Free Fire. Surfboards, weapons, pan, Gloo wall, backpack,..., they all have different skins in the game. However, there are higher lineups of skins, the premium ones, that offer more stats and beautiful particles. During the launch of such skin lineups, Free Fire may introduce a top-up event to allow players to acquire the skins for free.

3rd Anniversary Top Up
Free Fire 3rd Anniversary has the best top-up event ever!

Special holidays, which often come with exclusive skins, are the best occasions to look for this variant of top-up events.

New Top-up Event in Free Fire 2021 May

In the OB27 update, we have encountered 3 top-up events so far. The first two are new character top-up bonuses, namely Xayne and Maro. By purchasing only 200 Diamonds, players can acquire the two characters for free! 300 more Diamonds will give them their respective bundles: Xayne's Extreme bundle and Maro's Falconer bundle.

Free Fire Top Up Event Xayne
Xayne top-up event came earlier in the OB27 update.

Recently, a new top-up event has emerged! It's the Moony pet top-up event, offering players a chance to win the new pet for free. Here's what you need to know about the event:

Duration: May 25th - June 1st


  • 100 Diamonds: Free Moony pet
  • 300 Diamonds: Free Crystal Moony pet skin
  • 1000 Diamonds: Free Safari Riot blueprint

New Moony Pet Top-Up Event in Free Fire

Follow the steps below to purchase Diamonds and receive the new pet Moony as a bonus reward for free from the new top up event in Free Fire 2021:

Free Fire Top Up Event Moony
For purchasing 500 Diamonds, players will get Moony and his skin for free!
  • Tap on the plus icon next to the Diamond icon in the main lobby.
  • Choose the appropriate number of Diamonds from the list that pops up. 100 Diamonds will cost INR 80.
  • Pick a preferred method of payment.
  • Head to the "Events" section.
  • Select "Moony Top Up."
  • Click the "Claim" button next to the respective rewards to obtain them.

About New Pet Moony in Free Fire

Moony is the new pet in Garena Free Fire that appears to come from outer space to help survivors on the battlegrounds. His alien wit brings a skill called Paranormal Protection. When equipped, Moony reduces 20% damage when players are in interaction countdown (e.g., using Med Kit, repairing, etc.).

This skill may come in handy in sticky situations where players have to heal or repair in open areas. It also limits the chance of the players getting surprised and taken down by enemies during these times.

Upcoming Free Fire Top-Up Events

Of course, this kind of event still requires Free Fire survivors to invest money into the game. In fact, they're more of an incentive, a promotion to encourage players to do so. However, as new characters, weapon skins, or pets come out, they won't be immediately available in the in-game store.

Normally, if players want to own new characters and pets at launch, the only way is to earn them from the top-up event. But it's not necessarily a bad thing. One way or another, you must pick a way to buy the character or pet. Then why not take the free route and save the Diamonds for other things?

Free Fire Top Up Event Falconer
Wait patiently for the next top-up event.

As of the Free Fire upcoming topup event 2021, we expect it to come in the OB28 update. Since Garena has already introduced 2 characters and 1 new pet in the OB27 update, there isn't a high chance that another one will come in the future.

We suggest Free Fire players wait until the OB28 Advance Server rolls out to learn more details about the upcoming characters and pets. Then you can easily decide whether or not to invest in the next top-up event to acquire them for free.

Free Fire
Maybe there's something coming up in the next summer update!

That wraps up today's article on new top up event in Free Fire 2021We hope that you've found the information you need about this wonderful occasion to save some Diamonds in the game. For more information, tips, and tricks regarding Garena Free Fire, visit our website at

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