As you may already know, the new Advance Server for the upcoming OB28 update of Garena Free Fire is now online. Players around the world have been testing the new content and there have been some interesting leaks about it coming out to the community. More specially, it looks like the ice grenade will be a thing in the next patch of the game!

Ice Grenade in The OB28 Update

According to several speculations, the OB28 update of Garena Free Fire will be released on June 10, 2021. It brings many refreshing features to the battlegrounds, including a new character, a new pet, and apparently, a new kind of grenade.

Ob28 Update Cover
The OB28 update will be exciting!

The ice grenade has recently become the new centerpiece of attention in the OB28 Advance Sever. So, what's the fuss about?

From the look of it, the new ice grenade has pretty much the same basic mechanics as the regular grenade. Its blast radius and wind-up timer are the same, but the effects are more interesting. The ice grenade deals less damage to players, but it also slows down their movement speed and rate of fire for a few seconds.

Ob28 Update New
There will be ice bomb grenades in Free Fire!

This will be a great pick-up in the new update of the game. The ice grenade makes sieging so much easier when the enemies are slowed down. It will be a blast!

New Features in The OB28 Update of Free Fire

The ice grenade won't be the only thing new in the upcoming update of Garena Free Fire. The game is introducing various buffs and nerfs to balance out the character roster in the game. There will also be new additions to both the character roster as well as the weapon arsenal.

Find here all other new changes in the OB28 Advance Server for your information.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
New changes are going to refresh Free Fire in the next update.

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