Free Fire's character system is an essential part of the game, with each player having a unique set of 4 skills taken from 4 different characters. Not all skills are created equal, however - older characters tend to have much weaker abilities comparing to the newer ones. Paloma, one of the earliest characters released in Free Fire, is a big example.

Free Fire Paloma Character
Free Fire Paloma Character

Her ability is so weak nobody bothered picking her. However, in the newest patch of OB28, Garena has decided to change that. In this article, we are going to showcase Paloma's buff to see whether or not she's worth picking in this patch.

1 - About Paloma's buff in OB28

Paloma, "the arms queen of the underworld" has a fairly modest ability. It is a passive named "Arms Dealer" that removes the inventory space requirement for some of the ammo she's carrying.

Despite being such a big character in the backstory, her ability is mediocre in-game.

Overall, this is a fairly mediocre buff as it provides no direct advantage in combat... and if you use anything other than an AR, it is worthless. Furthermore, if you are engaging in combat often and use up your ammo, this ability is pretty much unneeded anyway. This skill is why Paloma is high on any "worst character in Free Fire" list.

Below are the new changes for Paloma in the OB28 Advance server:

  • Old version: 180 AR ammo will not take up inventory space.
  • New Version in OB28: 180 ammo will not take up inventory space.

2 - How good is Paloma in OB28?

With just a simple change, Garena has managed to make such a big improvement to Paloma's passive overall. Her skill is no longer wasted on just AR ammo as all ammo you carry is covered by it now.

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Paloma's skill
Changes to Paloma's skill in OB28 Advance Server

This frees up the inventory space for players to stock up on extra utilities like medkits, grenades and the like, which leads to further tactical advantages in combat. You can expect somebody to pick this ability in squad mode, where tactics are just as important as individual performance.

Paloma's Arms Dealer is passive and it can combo with pretty much any skills in the game. Furthermore, it is already pretty effective at level 1 and doesn't need to be leveled up too much.

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