Garena has constantly update Free Fire with new content to keep the game fresh for players. One of the common additions to the roster is the new pets - a new one is added in every "OB" update. In this article, we would showcase the new Dr. Beanie Duck pet in OB28 and how you can use him effectively.

1 - Dr. Beanie's Appearance

Appearance-wise, Dr. Beanie looks pretty cute... however, his clothes and appearance do not look like a doctor at all. He's a baby duck wearing a jacket, beanie and knapsack. The only "intellectual" detail is probably his orange glasses. His name "Beanie" is probably based on the hat he wears.

Dr. Beanie's descriptions
Dr. Beanie's descriptions: "He insists on everyone calling him Dr. He is not one, though."

A new skin would unlock once he reaches level 6. However, it hasn't been added to the Advance Server yet.

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2 - Dr. Beanie's skill

Dr. Beanie's skill is a passive ability called "Dashy Duckwalk". It buffs the movement speed while crouched by 30/45/60% at level 1/2/3. Free Fire has been focusing a lot on the "alternate movement methods" as of late, with OB27's "machine gun mode" also triggered by crouching.

Dr Beanie duck Dashy Duckwalk
Dashy Duckwalk at max level

Crouching has always been useful in Free Fire. It gives the player a lower profile and makes it hard for enemies to hit them (especially if they are on higher ground). Furthermore, it also reduces the sounds your footsteps make. The only thing that balances it is the lower mobility while crouched. Players are slowed down 50% comparing to normal movement speed.

With the addition of the Beanie pet, moving while crouching would be much faster now. This means you can enjoy all the bonus of crouching while having not much of a drawback. This pet would be popular at the higher ranks of Free Fire.

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