The news publisher Daily Manab Zamin recently posted an article stating that Bangladesh Government has plans to ban Garena Free Fire which was based in Singapore and PUBG Mobile developed by South Korean corporation.

Out of the two titles, PUBG Mobile had already received a temporary ban in the country previously but was later revoked. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Education of Bangladesh put forward the proposition to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

Kelly Free Fire
Both major BR titles are getting a ban in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Government Plans To Ban Garena Free Fire And PUBG Mobile

There was a discussion in the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Bangladesh. Here, the Mobile Phone Subscribers Association called for urgent action to control games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication also expressed concerns about gaming addiction among teenagers and young adults.

“While we are relentlessly working to get the next generation of young people to have access to high-speed internet, the next generation has gone astray by abusing technology, which has made us think.”, said Mohiuddin Ahmed, the president of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Users Association.

New Look Pubg 2
The prospects don't look good for fans of the games.

However, should both the major titles suddenly close down, it may result in an adverse, perhaps aggressive reaction. Hence, the country's government is trying to find a healthy alternative. Bangladesh will also look at the probability that players try to access these games using VPNs.

Players React to Free Fire & PUBG Mobile Getting Banned In Bangladesh

On various social platforms, the hatred and aggression of young players are wreaking havoc. It's a foreseeable reaction from the gaming community upon hearing such news. Most comments refer to the government's solution as unreasonable.

Many users point at the fact that schools and colleges are closing as the source of the problem. Hence, they are demanding the re-opening of schools and colleges to stop the addition. But that doesn't seem like a great move during the pandemic.

Free Fire Players
The community seems to have very opposing opinions on the ban.

In contrast, some users seem to be happy with the decision to ban the two BR giants. Let's wait and see how the Bangladesh Government will execute and ban Garena Free Fire! Or will the young players persuade it to retrieve the order?

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