Continue reading our article to find all the information you need on PUBG Mobile Ban List. It includes all the countries where the game is banned, as well as the reasons. We will also list out all of the factors and behavior that may get you a ban from PUBG Mobile! More details below.

PUBG Mobile Ban List: Countries That Ban PUBG Mobile

Though being one of the most popular games of our time, PUBG Mobile still suffers from ill fate in several countries around the world. The number one reason for the game being banned in these countries is its depiction of violence. The authorities say PUBG Mobile has too much blood and gore in it. And that's not something they want to promote in their countries. Let's take a look at the list of countries that ban PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Banned Country List 


It may seem a surprise to many people that China actually bans PUBG Mobile. As per media reports, the Chinese Government said there was too much blood in the game.

Pubg Mobile China
PUBG Mobile Goes By The Name "Game For Peace"

In order to re-publish the game in China, Tencent had to come up with a brand new standalone version, called Game For Peace. This variant of PUBG Mobile shows blood in green. And instead of shooters lying in a pool of blood, players will wave goodbye and fly off once they're down.


On September 2nd, 2020, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology banned 118 Chinese applications, including PUBG Mobile. These apps were literally deported from the country as they were allegedly involved in activities that threatened the sovereignty and integrity of India.

Pubg Mobile India
Welcome Back To India, PUBG Mobile

In response, PUBG Corporation had to announce a new Indian version of the game. The company also poured in $100 million to build a subsidiary in the country.


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) prohibited PUBG Mobile as the game was too addictive. Multiple complaints suggested the game had adverse effects on children's physical and psychological health.

Pubg Mobile Ban List Banner
PUBG Mobile Had Seen Better Days

However, the PTA later lifted the ban under the pressure from the Islamabad High Court.


Afghanistan's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA) also suspended PUBG. The decision came after a serious talk with various ministries, psychologists, parents, school headmasters, and cybersecurity experts.


In Nepal, the Kathmandu district court shut down PUBG Mobile for breaking the PIL by the Metropolitan Crime Division. It said the game had adverse effects on children. However, the public was not happy with the ban. Therefore, after a series of petitions,  the Supreme Court of Nepal, ordered to overturn the ban.

PUBG Mobile Ban List: What Get You Banned From PUBG Mobile?

Next on our article, let's check out the reasons that may have your names on the PUBG Mobile ban list 2021. Now, as you may already know, there are tons of ways that could get your account suspended in PUBG Mobile.

Apart from using cheat software, which we never recommend you doing, third-party programs will also get you in trouble. Tools and programs such as the GFX Tool and low Merit points are among the top apps on the list.

For more details, check out the list of the reasons why you end up on the PUBG Mobile list of banned players!

Exploiting Bugs

No matter how well a game is made, bugs are unavoidable. And all PUBG Mobile players know the game is full of bugs. Some are just funny and do not affect the gameplay in anyways, while others prove to be a nuisance to deal with.

Pubg Mobile Bugs
PUBG Mobile Has Tons of Bugs

So, instead of reporting the bugs, some users choose to abuse them. Do that often, then you will get a ban.

For your information, a pro player was almost banned from the PMPL Scrims because they thought he abused smoke bugs.

Using VPN

PUBG Mobile has different servers for different regions and countries around the world. Often, players will want to jump from one server to another to enjoy all the wonderful perks and rewards.

They can do so by using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to play PUBG Mobile on other servers. But PUBG Mobile may ban you for this.


Cheat and third-party hacks that give you unfair abilities such as seeing through walls, aimbot, fly, super speed... or strictly forbidden in PUBG Mobile. The anti-cheat system can pick up the behavior and ban you for 10 years for this.

Pubg Mobile Ban List Hack
Hacking Is Not The Way To Go

That means your account is pretty much gone. All the items and achievements in it also gone with the wind.

Low Merit Points

Merit point measures the behavior of PUBG Mobile players. So being toxic and ruin others' gaming experience will lower your Merit Point. By default, each player has 100 Merit points. The lower your Merit points, the more disadvantages you will get in the game.

When your Merit Points reach 0, PUBG Mobile will ban you for a week. If the point reaches 0 again, your account will be banned forever.

Pubg Mobile India Merit Points
Play Fair!

In most cases, PUBG players lose Merit points for team killing. However, PUBG Mobile devs disabled team killing. But they still can take out teammates using Frag Grenade, Movotol, or vehicles. Whenever you kill a teammate, your Merit points will reduce by 30 and up to 50 in some cases.

So play fair, be helpful, and your name won't appear on the PUBG Mobile banned account list!

GFX Tool

The GFX Tool is a third-party application that allows players to adjust PUBG Mobile graphics.  They can either make it looks better or lower the settings to run it more smoothly. While this kind of app doesn't enhance or give any special ability, it does mess with some game files.

Pubg Mobile Ban List Gfx
GFX Tool May Get You Banned

Therefore, PUBG Mobile restricted players from doing so. Your account will be banned if you try to download and use one.

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