As one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile phones, PUBG Mobile is getting more and more players every day. In order to keep a good playing environment and experience for the player, PUBG Mobile punishes the player with misconduct behaviors by banning their account. Depending on what the player did, the ban can be various from one day, a week, a month to a permanent ban. But sometimes, a player also might get banned for unknown reasons or things that they didn't commit or just because of some glitch in the system.

how to unban pubg account
This is the message you get when your account got banned

Here in this article, will show you how to unban PUBG account and all types of bans you can get in PUBG Mobile.

1. Things will get you banned in PUBG Mobile

Apart from using cheat software, which is obviously, you will also get banned in PUBG Mobile because of several other reasons such as using GFX Tool and low Merit points,... Below are the things that might get your account banned which you really want to avoid doing in PUBG Mobile.

Exploiting Bugs

All PUBG Mobile players know that PUBG Mobile is full of bugs. Some bugs are just funny and do not affect the game while other bugs can make the game imbalance. If you abused bugs too much and get reported, you will get a ban.

pubg bug
How to unban PUBG Mobile account  - All PUBG Mobile players know that the game is full of bugs

Recently, a pro player even almost got banned from the PMPL Scrims because they though he abused smoke bug. You can read more about that incident here: PUBG Mobile: Elementrix Disqualified From PMPL Scrims For Using Smoke Glitch - MortaL Explains Everything.


There have been people whose accounts get banned for using VPN in PUBG Mobile to play in another server or to get free items. You might get a temporary ban for doing this.


If you use cheat software that gives you unfair abilities such as see through walls, aimbot, fly, super speed,... and get detected by the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile, you will get banned for 10 years. Your account is pretty much considered gone with all the items and achievements in it. Cheaters will be banned for 10 years according to the regulation of PUBG Mobile.

Pubg cheat
How to unban PUBG Mobile account - PUBG ban cheaters for 10 years

Low Merit Points

Merit point is the behavior score of a player in PUBG Mobile so toxic players can't ruin the playing experience of other people. Each player has 100 Merit points by default. The lower your Merit points, the more disadvantages you will get in the game. When your Merit points reach 0, you will get banned for a week. If that happens again, your account will be banned forever.

how to increase merit points in pubg
How to unban PUBG Mobile account -You will get ban if your Merit point reaches 0

Most of the time, people get their Merit points deducted because of team killing. In PUBG Mobile, the devs disabled team killing so players won't be able to shoot at their teammates. However, there are still ways to go around it such as using Frag Grenade, Movotol, vehicles. Whenever you kill your teammate your Merit points will reduce by 30 and up to 50 in some cases.

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GFX Tool

GFX Tool is a third-party tool that many PUBG Mobile players use to adjust the graphic of PUBG Mobile to make the game looks better or to lower the setting so it can run smoothly. While this app doesn't give any super ability at all but it does mess with some game files in PUBG Mobile that are restricted. The anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile won't care if it is a cheat app or not and it will ban your account.

GFX Pubg
GFX Tool will help improve graphics in PUBG Mobile or reduce graphics so it can run smoother

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2. How To Unban PUBG Account?

If you use a cheat software and are found out by the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile then first you need to stop cheating and play like a normal person instead of finding how to unban PUBG account. There is nothing you can do about it other than waiting for the ban to end in 10 years. You should just start a new account and start grinding all over again now.

If you got a small temporary ban because of low Merit points or using VPN, it's best to just wait for your punishment to end as a week is not a very long time. Just try to keep your Merit points high after your account is unbanned and you will be alright.

how to unban pubg facebook account
If you didn't do anything, you can file a complaint to get your account back

But if your account got ban and you are sure you did nothing wrong, you can contact PUBG Mobile support to file a complaint about your situation. Give them every detail you have so they can investigate and you will be unbanned when they finish. If you have proofs then the process will be even faster.

Below is another way of how to unban PUBG account by a YouTuber. Some people find it works while some don't but you can try for yourself and see because it is really simple and doesn't cost anything. Watch the video to learn how to unban PUBG mobile account Facebook.