The third day of the Skyesports GrandSlam PUBG Mobile Invitational has ended with team SouL remaining on the top position. However, as they slowed down a little bit, other teams were catching them really fast. You can check out the full replay of Day 3 of the Skyesports GrandSlam PUBG Mobile Invitational below.

Orange Rock, while they haven't gotten any Chicken Dinner yet, they managed to get to second place with 148 points. The gap between Orange Rock and SouL is now only 19 points.

Team IND dropped to 3rd place but they also catching up quickly with 138 points after Day 3. Along with Orange Rock, Team IND will be the main challenge for team SouL to get the championship title of the tournaments.

Hindi Skyesports Grandslam Pubg Mobile Day 3 3 58
Skyesports GrandSlam PUBG Mobile Invitational Overall Standings after Day 3

On Day 3, we had a major shift in other placements in the top 10. Fnatic came out of nowhere and jumped into the top 5 with 119 points after Day 3. Fnatic was able to do such a miracle was thanks to a player called "SouL.Harmandeep." A SouL player in team Fnatic? No, that was actually ScoutOP in disguised.

He changed his name to SouL.Harmandeep to troll random viewers. Harmandeep is actually the real name of a player in team Orange Rock, OR MAVI.

But it seemed that he actually has absorbed some power from team SouL and earned Fnatic a glorious Day 3.

Today is the last day of the Skyesports GrandSlam PUBG Mobile Invitational and we will soon see which team will become the winner. You can check out the last day of the tournament on the official YouTube channel of Skyesports.

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