A beautiful PUBG Mobile streamer has stolen 30 lakh hearts from subscribers in the mainstream with her beautiful voice and appearance. Her name is Rourou, a young and beautiful PUBG streamer from China. She attracted over 30 lakh followers on her channel. Many of them even said they watched her live-stream due to her, not about the game.

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Female PUBG Mobile Streamer Got 30 Lakh Subscribers With Beautiful Appearance And Voice

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile game in the world and also in China, the most populous country, now. And PUBG Mobile live-streaming is also emerging as the most fruitful field for streamers. The most-followed streamers are often male players who are excellent soldiers with impressive and amazing skills.

Pubg Mobile Streamer Rourou
Rourou Is A Beautiful PUBG Mobile Streamer

However, you can still many beautiful roses on this bloody and violent battleground. They bring a wind of change to PUBG Mobile battleground and game streaming industry. Some of them even got greater achievement that makes other male streamers jealous. This female PUBG Mobile streamer got such a record with over 30 lakh followers on her live-stream channel. She is Rourou from China.

This beautiful streamer began her streaming work with nothing over two years ago. From the early days of her career, she almost has no experience in both playing games and live-streaming. However, after nearly three years working hard and making effort, she got over 30 lakh followers. Rourou is an excellent PUBG Mobile player and a pretty and sweet girl.

She Has Sweet Beauty
She Has A Sweet Beauty

She wins not only Chicken Dinner but also viewers’ hearts by her great performance in every game. Rourou has a sweet and innocent appearance and a beautiful voice. Two years ago, she started to play PUBG Mobile with very little experience. She didn’t know many special terms in this game. But she keeps learning and improving her skills. Now, she gets a great number of fans and followers after two years playing and live-streaming PUBG Mobile incessantly.

Rourou 3
She is an active PUBG Mobile streamer

Talking about this achievement, Rourou said it was really difficult for her to get this success. She also said it was due to her great effort and a little luck. The streamers stole fans’ hearts by her sweet beauty, voice, and a great sense of humor. The number of subscribers on her channel increased from 20 lakh to 30 lakh in only six months. What an amazing record! In addition, Rourou is often in the top 5 most-viewed streamer in China. Here are some pictures of her.

Rou Rou 1

Rourou 4

Rourou Is Beautiful

Rourou 6

Rourou 8

Rourou 9

Rourou 10

Rourou 11

Rourou 13

Rourou 14

Rourou 15