Lately, there have been quite some disputes between ScoutOP and his PUBG Mobile team, Fnatic. And a recent incident between ScoutOP and his teammate Owais was the last straw for him.

Recently, during a tournament match, members of team Fnatic were slowly taken down one by one, and Owais was the only player who was still alive.  The other team was trying to take him down as well by pushing him. Owais was in a very unfavored situation.

But ScoutOP kept talking about how they had gotten taken down even though Owais asked him to silence so he can focus. In the end, Owais was down as well and he was visibly upset. Owais then asked ScoutOP to leave all the discussions after the game is done so he can focus. ScoutOP then threw a tantrum at his teammate and said he couldn't wait for the PMPL to be over so he can leave to the team.

ScoutOP was the one who put all the players together to make team Fnatic

This is a really unprofessional behavior from the pro player, but it wasn't a surprise as ScoutOP has been known for his hot temper and toxic behavior for a long time. He threatened team UMumba for killing him and team Fnatic had to apology immediately. He called the PUBG Mobile Youtuber Kroten a "whore" on live stream for killing him. Even MortaL, the calmest, nicest person in the world, was once the victim of his toxicity. Yet, there are still many more controversies around this player.

ScoutOP is known for his toxicity personality

While ScoutOP was the one who put all the players together and made team Fnatic, it seems that he is going to leave for real. Victor Bengtsson, the international manager of Fnatic also mentioned that the team will definitely have a roster change at the end of this season. About the PUBG Mobile India Series 2020, ScoutOP confirmed that he will play with Fnatic.

A top team really needs harmony among all its players. All the constant arguments and fights inside Fnatic right now is not healthy for everyone, including both players and fans. Fnatic is an international esports brand so they need to keep their public image and ScoutOP has been showing no sign of being capable to do that.