On May 17, "Game For Peace", the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile officially announced the arrival of a "mysterious guest": A duck-themed event starring a little yellow duck called B.Duck. This is a joint venture between Tencent and the company that created the B.Duck brand to help promote the game and the product.

pubg mobile yellow duck theme chinese

Just a few days ago, B.Duck, also known as Little Yellow Duck in China, officially released a "mysterious poster", showing elements of "Game For Peace". And now, Chinese PUBG Mobile has officially announced that it will cooperate with B.Duck 'the Little Yellow Duck'.

pubg mobile yellow duck theme chinese

This shows that the cute little yellow duck will be arriving at the PUBG battlefield. It is believed that many PUBG players in China will enjoy the cute duck-themed content and get involved in some strong trend culture.

A cute duck brand is appearing in Chinese PUBG Mobile

B.Duck is a major brand of Semk Products Ltd, which is a well-known product design company in Hong Kong, China. With its cute image, B.Duck has a decent reputation around the world, and its image is used in different products, bringing fans a lot of fashion and novel surprises.

Chao Meng little yellow duck airborne island,

This time, PUBG Mobile has formally cooperated with B. Duck. The game will be deeply linked inside and outside the game, and the small yellow duck will be unveiled in the game. Garena says that we are now entering the hot summer season, so the little yellow duck floating in the sea will bring a feeling of cool experience to the players so that the hot summer wouldn't feel so hot!

The game content related to B. Duck will land on the classic island map for Chinese PUBG for the players to experience close contact with the little yellow ducks in the game. From 10:00 on May 19 to 23:59 on June 2, on the classic island map, each game will randomly generate a group of yellow ducks floating on the water at a random location (a total of five places) on the map.

pubg mobile yellow duck theme chinese

There are a total of four ducks in each group, one big and three small, and a small yellow duck treasure chest will be refreshed, together, including while floating on the water.

Players can get the loot in the small yellow duck treasure chest when they are nearby, first come first served. At the same time, players close to the floating duck within a certain range, can complete the punching task and redeem relevant event rewards.

There are duck-themed events in real-life as well

By participating in in-game activities, PUBG Mobile players can redeem "Game for Peace" & B. Duck The Little Yellow Duck for a limited edition joint "spray". Others are welcome to come to the area where the little yellow duck appears nearby and take photos, to feel the trendy popular culture and a lot of surprises and benefits!

pubg mobile yellow duck theme chinese

And while offline, from May 20 to June 30, B.Duck creators and PUBG Mobile devs in China agreed to organize a real-life duck-themed event in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park and Shenye Shangcheng in China, and Chinese PUBG players are welcome to check-in.

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