An eleven years old boy from Handan, a city in the north of China, jumped off the 5 storey/15-metre high building along with his nine years old sister so that they could “come back to life” similar to the scenes in the games they are currently playing.

The kid broke both legs with the fall

Based on the information provided by the parents, these two kids have been playing mobile games excessively ever since the whole city was put into a lockdown of coronavirus. The games they were playing are Game for Peace (the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, with massive cuts on violent and bloody contents) and Mini World, an open-world creative game similar to Minecraft.

Mini World is a Chinese knockoff of Minecraft

The boy said his reason for jumping off the building is to test if they could fly or come back to life like the player character in both those games. It is likely that he is referring to PUBG Mobile’s parachute drop, which is actually funny as the kids just jump out without holding anything remotely similar to that. Furthermore, he stated that "no matter how many times you fall in Mini World, you would be resurrected without fail".

The alley in which they jumped - at least the ground is not concrete, which could damage them even further

The story ends with their parents discovering the kids' broken bodies lying on the street. It is actually pretty lucky that both of them survived, each with multiple broken bones, of course. Their later surgeries were covered by money borrowed from relatives and online crowdfunding. The reason behind their jump was revealed during hospitalization - and the family is trying to sue for compensation from the game's developer.

Game for peace is a rather funny interpretation of PUBG Mobile - with the violence cut to the minimum

According to the father, Mr. Shen, the kids have been playing those games more than 8 hours every day prior to the incident. They were modern students before the quarantine hit - and according to doctors, some of their injuries are permanent and will never fully recover. Overall, this story could happen to pretty much anyone - you have to put a limit on the gaming time of younger kids, as they are very easily influenced by the fictional experience.

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