PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular games in India recently with over 50 million PUBG Mobile players all over the country. As the popularity of this game rises, many PUBG addicts in India got gaming disorder and committed gruesome violations. Let’s take a look at seven outstanding crimes committed by Indian PUBG addicts this year.

Recorded Crimes by PUBG Addicts

An Indian Game Addict Killed His Father

A 21-year-old man in Kakati village, Belagavi, India beheaded his father for stopping him from play PUBG Mobile game. More seriously, this game addict also cut his dad’s hand and legs. As reported, Shankar Devappa Kumbhar, the young criminal has poor study result at school. Moreover, the police suspected that this PUBG addict had used the drug.

Pubg Addict Kill Dad For Stopping Him From Playing
Pubg Addict Killed Dad For Stopping Him From Playing

Attacking Friend With A Chopper For Not Lending Mobile Phone

As reported, a man in Hadapsar was stabbed seriously for not lending friends his smartphone for playing PUBG Mobile. Mane, the victim of this incident, was playing PUBG on his phone. Then, his friends asked to borrow the phone to play this game but Mane refused. They conflicted and Wankhade took a chopper and stabbed Mane on his head. Indian policemen arrested the criminals who attacked his friend with a knife. Meanwhile, Mane is still receiving special treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a hospital in Hadapsar.

Scolded for Playing PUBG, A Boy Killed His Elder Brother

A 15-year-old boy stabbed his elder brother to death with a pair of scissors for stopping him from playing PUBG. Mohammad Shaikh, 19, the victim of the murder, scolded and stopped his younger brother from playing PUBG on his phone. Then, the young offender banged his elder brother’s head against the wall and stabbed him repeatedly to death.

Teen Killed Elder Brother For Stopping Him Playing
Teen Killed Elder Brother For Stopping Him Playing PUBG

Scolded for Playing PUBG, 14-year-old Boy Committed Suicide

A 14-year-old PUBG player committed suicide after receiving scolding for playing PUBG by his family members. The police reported that this boy felt distressed and took poison in his resident. After that, their parents took him to the hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

A Young PUBG Addict Faked Kidnap to Take Ransom for Game

A 16-year-old PUBG player faked his kidnapping to take ransom from his parents. As reported, his parents took away his smartphone to stop him from playing mobile games. However, their son then faked kidnapping and demanded a ransom of Rs 3lakhs. The police “successfully rescued” this young game addict.

16 Year Old Fakes His Own Kidnapping
16-Year-Old Fakes His Own Kidnapping

Playing PUBG Non-Stop, A PUBG Addict Suffered Stroke

A 19-year-old boy in Wanaparthy, Keshavardhan, India was taken to the hospital after showing symptoms of a stroke. As reported, this teen played PUBG uninterruptedly for hours before having a stroke and receiving special treatment in the hospital.

Interrupting PUBG Game, A Man Was Beaten By Son

A man from Uttarakhand reported to the police about his incident on September 7, 2019. According to his complaint, his brother-in-law and his son beat him for interrupting their PUBG game.

Gaming Disorder

Those criminal cases raised an alarm about gaming disorder and social evil caused by game addicts. Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a specific term of Gaming Disorder. According to that, gaming disorder is the pattern of weakened control over gaming activity. People with gaming disorder tend to increase priority to the game than other daily activities. With those people, the game takes priority over other things in their life. It also regards the continuation and growth of gaming in spite of the negative consequences.

Gaming Addiction Became A Mental Disorder
Gaming Addiction Became A Mental Disorder

Those are seven outstanding appalling criminal cases committed by PUBG addicts this year. It seems that gaming disorder is a social issue. It occurs in lots of regions in the world, not only India.