Last year, PUBG’s creator Brendan Greene was talking about a new item called Riot Shield and how it could be an addition to the Battle Royale. It might actually come true in 2020. According to a trustworthy source, the Shield is being tested by the developers internally.

FAMAS is pretty similar to the M416 in usage

In the following video which was sourced from an ex-employee of PUBG Corp, we can see the features planned for PUBG’s 2020 updates. About the Shield, it is on the list of items currently being worked on and due to the fact that it comes with a brand new movement system, the item has been delayed.

According to the statistics, the Shield would reduce your jump, sprint, and run distances, and can be used to attack. The attack would deal about 80 melee damage to enemies and push them back 70 units. Players using the Shield can also equip some other melee weapons, pistols, and throwables. Amongst other references, there were details about new weapons such as the P90 submachine gun, the FAMAS Assault Rifle, and the G3 Assault Rifle. Other explosive items such as the claymores and C4 are also being worked on.

Pubg Item C4 Datamine 1
Leaked image for the C4

About game modes, it seems that they are working on an offline zombies mode and a version of the Team Deathmatch mode for the mainline PUBG. There could be 2 or 3 new maps for that mode.

The Riot Shield has been teased about for quite some time

It is important to understand that the content leaked is still on the work and has not been confirmed. PlayerIGN has been holding on this list for about three months to confirm the validity of it. While there are not many identifiable details included in the leak, amongst them, there are some PUBG links that no one but a PUBG employee could know about.

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