This datamined leak of PUBG was made by a well-known source named PlayerIGN, who is very active in the community and has participated in previous datamine attempts.

Based on data and information located in various files, it is reported that it would be possible to have a clan with a maximum of 20 members. The clan names can be anything between two and fifteen characters, with tags ranging between two and four characters. It is not going to be free to create a clan, however, as there appears to be a fee of five thousand BPs, most likely to be the cost for set up.

Clan system and related icons

Based on the files, there would also be some kind of “resume” and “recruits” elements added to the clan system. It looks like to join a clan, the players would have to submit some kind of stats or information about their ability to join. However, it is still not clear what those fields might contain at the moment.

New functions related to clan systems

The clan system might have been incorporated into the Leaderboard of PUBG as well, as a label called “no clan” was also found in the files. The leaker suggests that this system might be part of the game’s upcoming changes in the new ranked mode.

This system might be a part of the ranked mode

Given that the mobile version of the game already got the clan system a year ago, it is not a stretch to imagine that they are working to get this inside the PC and console versions. The release date for this system, however, is still unknown. Currently, it might be worth it to prepare a list of names, details, and slogans in preparation so that you could get the first pick of the names.

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