Since comedian Tanmay Bhat started streaming PUBG Mobile on YouTube his subscribers have grown from 12k to 27.6k subscribers in a week. Being a celebrity he has access to Bollywood A-listers and cricketers and will soon join him on livestream while playing PUBG Mobile. On Tuesday night, Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati joined Tanmay Bhat during his live stream and was entertaining the audience. The entire streaming session was hilarious with adult content. Tanmay Bhat went ahead and named his stream session "Getting carried by CarryMinati."

Tanmay Bhat

CarryMinati is known to abuse and to roast the audience during the livestream. Ajey Nagar born in Faridabad, Haryana is a famous YouTuber and is known for his rants of viral videos. His videos are mostly made up of gameplays, photos, clips of viral videos and his astonishing voice. Ajey shot to fame when he uploaded videos like Making money with BB Ki Vines, I want a girl, Roasting BB ki vines and Girl with Swag. CarryMinati became one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India when he scored whooping 50,000+ subscribers in the month of July 2016. He goes live from his YouTube channel CarryisLive.

Daddy Cool

Aman Chandila aka Daddy Cool, Harnit Khatri aka Gunshot were two other famous streamers and PUBG Mobile players in the team. CarryMinati being extremely loud and chaotic ensured to keep Tanmay's stream with a good live audience. They were seen roasting each other while playing. Indian audience has understood the trend of adult content on YouTube and is enjoying the Indian gaming scene. Moreover, the audience is seen cheering and bullying these streamers and are having fun.

Talking about Tanmay Bhat, he rose to fame from All India Bakchod, a comedy roast show. While streaming he has assured to also upload his stand-up comedy act clips. He was embroiled in a controversy when he mimicked legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar in a video post.