The Shooting Range in PUBG Mobile Cheer Park is a new kind of training room. It comes to this game in the latest update version 0.18.0. Your mission is shooting down as many targets as possible in a limited time. The name of three players who got the highest scores will be displayed on the leaderboard. Here are tips you must know to get a high score in shooting range game.

Choose The Best Weapons

The most vital thing to get a high score in this game is grabbing the right guns. If you are tankers, you should choose strong AR guns, such as AKM, M416, Beryl M762, AUG, or Groza. Moreover, choose a full set of attachments to make your weapons more powerful to shoot down more targets faster. For the target at long distances, you can choose some strong sniper or sniper rifle guns, such as M24, Kar98k, Mini14, SLR.

Grab Good Weapons
Grab Good Weapons

Prone To Fire With Less Recoil

Reducing recoil is very important to increase the accuracy. You should prone to reduce weapon recoil and fire more accurately. Keep in mind that it’s not a real match. So, you can prone to shoot without worrying about being killed by the enemies.

Prone To Reduce Recoil
Prone To Reduce Gun Recoil

Aim At Target’s Heads

You need to hit the target’s heads to shoot down them as fast as possible. It’s also a tip to get a higher score in the PUBG Mobile Cheer Park shooting range. The faster you shoot down a target, the more target you can kill in the given time. Moreover, it’s also a good chance for you to practice headshot and prepare for real combat.

Aim At Head
Aim At Head For Higher Score

Keep Practicing

It’s hard to get a high score in the first tries unless you are pro players. So, keep practicing to get used to the gameplay as well as experiences. The more game you play, the more familiar you are. Then, you will hit higher points. You will notice that your score will increase after each game.

Keep Practice
Keep Practicing To Increase Your Score

Have A Good Weapon Set

As you have a limited time to shoot down these targets, you need to clear the targets as fast as possible. So, let grab an AR gun or an SMG for the target in close ranges. Then, choose a sniper rifle for long-range targets. We don’t recommend you use sniper guns like Kar98k, M24, or AWM which takes a long time to reload. Moreover, the delay time between bullets is longer than SR guns. You should use Mini14, SLR, and SKS to reduce reloading time.

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