Tencent has finally rolled out the much anticipated 0.17.0 update for PUBG Mobile Lite – with a gigantic host of changes. They can actually update the game pretty fast, with the normal PUBG Mobile serving as a testing platform. The only thing the devs need to do is to scale down the graphics from PUBG Mobile for the Lite version.

The biggest update in this version is probably the introduction of Payload Mode, which was all the rages in PUBG Mobile last year. In this mode, players would take to the sky on helicopters – people on the ground would be provided with the Rocket Launcher. Overall, this is amongst the weirdest modes ever added into the game, with the RPG’s loud, obnoxious style – Lite players would definitely get a good time playing this. Another part of the update is the BRDM-2 Armored bulletproof vehicle – it can be airdropped using Flare Guns in Classic mode. In Payload mode, however, it would spawn randomly on the map. This car is specially designed for the mode - with perfect defenses that can withstand a high number of hits without blowing up. The Payload mode can be accessed via the EvoGround Section of the game.

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Payload mode is going to be a cinematic experience

The final noticeable addition to PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 update is a brand new Spawn island on Varenga, containing a decent amount of loot. This location would be a decent tech option for people to pick if they are confident about looting the island and escape on time. Besides this, there would be various new Archaeological Sites spawned on the map for players to explore - this is probably made to replace all the Spring Festival content from the previous 0.16.0 patch.

The Deagle is super dangerous in the right hand

Weapon-wise, a new gun was added - the Desert Eagle. This is a decent pick up if you haven't been able to get your hand on an AR due to the extremely high damage per shot. Lastly, a new Winner Pass has been added, providing players with extra points cards and bonus challenges.

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