Merit points are basically a scale for PUBG Mobile to find a match for you according to your behavior toward your teammates. The purpose of Merit points is to separate toxic players from other players so their playing experience won't be ruined. Your Merit points are added or deduced by an automatic system of PUBG Mobile based on your activity in a game and the feedback from your teammate. In rare cases, the system might also deduce your Merit points by accident.

how to increase merit in pubg
Your Merit points in PUBG Mobile was to determine that if you are a toxic player or not

All PUBG Mobile players are given 100 Merit points. If your Merit points are lower than that then you need to find out about how to increase Merit in PUBG Mobile to get the full matchmaking privileges.

Here in this article, we will show you what you should avoid doing in the game to not lose Merit and how to increase Merit points in PUBG Mobile.

Violations that will lower your Merit in PUBG Mobile

Merit points in PUBG Mobile are to filter out players who have toxic behavior toward their teammates. If you commit the actions below, PUBG Mobile will reduce a number of your Merit points based on the seriousness of it.

  • Team kill: You will lose 30 points every time you kill a teammate and in some cases, you might even lose up to 50. You will lose more Merit if your teammate reports you.
  • Team up with a hacker: If you accidentally join a team with a hacker, nothing will happen as there is no punishment for the first time. But if you play with a hacker again within 7 days later, you will lose 15 Merit each time.
  • Cheating: If you use cheat software, your account will be banned. When the ban expired, your Merit will be reduced by 60 points.
how to increase merit in pubg mobile
Having low Merit points will cause you to earn fewer battle points and experience

Note that all these works are done by the automatic system of PUBG Mobile so it will not care if you accidentally did it or not. Some players actually have their Merit points reduced by a lot for pranking with their friends in a game. The system won't be able to identify that if you are a toxic player or are just having fun with your friends so it is best not to do those things above to preserve your Merit points.

Low Merit Disadvantages in PUBG Mobile

The default Merit of all players in PUBG Mobile is 100. If a player has less 100 Merit points in PUBG Mobile, they will receive disadvantages depending on how many Merit they still have left. You can check out the full detail of it below.

  • Less than 100 points: The maximum BP you can get per day is reduced by 200.
  • 90- 60 points: Your Battle points and Experience points will also be 30% lower if your Merit points are between 60 and 90. So you would want to get your Merit points back to 100 to play the game properly. Continue reading to know how to increase Merit in PUBG Mobile!
  • 60 points or less: Once you reach below 60 points, you won't be able to find multiplayer matches with other players in Duo and Squad. Your Battle points and Experience points will be 50% lower.
  • 0 point: Ban for a week.
how to raise merit in pubg
PUBG Mobile implement this system so people who break the rules will have their benefit limited

How To Increase Merit In PUBG Mobile when your Merit points are too low

While your Merit can be reduced very quickly, earning them back is very time-consuming. Here is how to increase Merit in PUBG if your points are lower than 60 points. Change your matchmaking setting to the SOLO mode and find Classic Matches. You will earn some points after finishing a match. The number of points you can earn is vary depending on your placement in that match.

  • Finishing in the top 10 will give you 3 Merit points
  • Finishing in 11th-50th place will give you 3 Merit points
  • Finishing in 51th-100th place will give you 3 Merit points
how to increase merit in pubg mobile
This is where you can find your number of Merit points

You can check your Merit points pretty easily by going to your profile and then tap on the Tier Overview tab. Your number of Merits will be displayed there at the bottom left of your phone.

However, it won't matter if you know how to increase Merit in PUBG Mobile back to 100 if you keep violating the rules in the future or you will have to keep grinding your Merit points back up over and over again.

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