The registration of the PMCO Spring Split 2020 has opened for all Indian PUBG Mobile teams to joins. All the fans are expecting to have another exciting season of PMCO just like the last year with all the best performances from top teams. However, the PMCO this year is not the same anymore and it will be missing a few faces.

Pmco Registration Banner
PMCO Spring Split 2020 registration is open until January 21

A few days ago, SouL.Aman revealed on one of his streams on YouTube that Team SouL will not be playing in the PMCO Spring Split 2020. He explained that they need to have more practice so all the team members can learn how to coordinate with each other more, especially when Sangwan just joined the team.

However, that is not all the reason why they are not going to play the PMCO 2020. Aman also mentioned that they are still going to the Pro League. What does this mean?

This year, the PMCO is no longer a premier league. The top 8 teams from the PMCO India will be promoted to the PUBG MOBILE Pro League South Asia. Team SouL is directly invited to the PUBG MOBILE Pro League(PMPL) South Asia so they don't really need to play the PMCO this time anymore. Not only team SouL, but the top 8 teams from the last PMCO Fall Split South Asia 2020 will be directly invited to the PMPL South Asia.

Entity Gaming, SouL, and other top teams from the last PMCO South Asia are invited to the PMPL

These teams include Entity Gaming, SynerGE, TeamINS, Team IND, Zero Degree Esports, ETG.Brawlers, RIP Officials. Team INS is disbanded so we are not sure that Fnatic will take their place or not becasue Fnatic got 9th place in the last PMCO Fall Split South Asia.