Into the new year, PUBG Mobile is going to have a new plan for the competitive structure of PUBG Mobile 2020. With this new system, all teams will have a chance to join the World League by fighting their ways up from the Amateur League. The structure also allows teams to be qualified more carefully through multiple phases, thus giving everyone a better look at the rank of each team compared to other teams in the world. Here is a quick explanation of how the PUBG Mobile competitive scene changes in 2020.

The World League structure of PUBG Mobile in 2020 announced by Tencent

In 2020, the competitive scene will be split into 3 major leagues, Amateur League, Pro/Semi-Pro League, and Pro League. The Amateur League and Pro/Semi-Pro League will be played in Country scale, which means teams in a country will compete with each other to pick out the best teams to go to the Pro League and compete with teams from different countries in the world. The PMCO will belong to the Pro/ Semi-Pro League from now on.

The PMCO will no longer be the final goal of PUBG Mobile in 2020 anymore

In the Pro League, the best teams from each country in the same region will compete against each other in the Reginal Pro League to pick out of the best PUBG Mobile teams from each region.

The best teams from all regions will have to fight each other one more time to pick out the best of the best to participate in the World Championship. The World Championship will be the Grand Finals of all for teams to fight for the "best PUBG Mobile team in the world" title.

The schedule of PUBG Mobile Spring Split 2020

The registration of the PMCO Spring Split has opened today, marking the start of the first competitive season of PUBG Mobile 2020.

For more information about how to register for the PMCO Spring Split 2020, you can read here.