PUBG Mobile is one of the few mobile games that have very frequent updates to keep players engaged and entertained with new content. In 2019, we saw the developer added Zombie mode, Team Deathmatch mode, Pay Load mode,... and many other features that help the game more fun to play. In 2020, the game is definitely going to have more and more exciting updates to come.

Pubg Mobile Payload Mode
Lots of new modes and features were added to PUBG Mobile in 2019

Do you want to find out about the latest and upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile before anyone else could? Because PUBG Mobile is giving all players a chance to experience all the upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile beforehand by becoming a part of the PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group.

If you managed to get in, your job will be playing future PUBG Mobile Beta, answering PUBG Mobile surveys, giving the developer your feedback and get rewarded for doing it.

PUBG Mobile is giving all players a chance to be a Beta tester by filling out their survey

You will be required to fill in all the information about your in-game account such as game ID, username, current account level, rank, playing habit,... and finally, your email so they can contact you.

If you want to test out all the new content of PUBG Mobile before they even come to the game and get rewarded for it then this is a perfect opportunity. Head to the official Facebook fan page of PUBG Mobile and apply now.

17898 Pm 20202
PUBG Mobile competitive structure of 2020

In other news, PUBG Mobile just opened the registration for the PMCO Spring Split 2020 for all teams to join. This year, the PMCO Spring Split is no longer a premier league. Instead, it will become a part of the PUBG Mobile 2020 Pro Circuit to qualify teams who will go to the World League and ultimately the World Championship.