In 2021, Free Fire has been really active collaborating with different brands. We keep seeing collaborations after collaborations continuously since this year such as Cristiano Ronaldo, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan,...

Now, Free Fire just announced yet another collaboration. This time they are going to collaborate with the famous arcade video game that every gamer knows, Street Fighter V. Just as usual we expect that this collaboration will bring new skins, events, and rewards to Free Fire players.

Free Fire X Street Fighter V Collaboration

The Free Fire X Street Fighter V Collaboration teaser reveals Ryu and Chun-Li, the 2 most iconic fighters of the game. According to leaks, there will be outfit bundles, skins of these 2 fighters in the collaborations.

Street Fighter V
Free Fire X Street Fighter V Collaboration will feature Chun Li.

Here is the list of items players can get from collaboration between Free Fire and Street Fighter V:

  • Ryu backpack
  • Ryu ice
  • Chun-li package
  • Ryu set
  • Chun-li set
  • Lobby tree
  • T-shirt Ryu
  • Granada Hadouken
  • Ryket Special Royale Ticket
  • Mag-7 Chun-li
  • Mp5 Chun-li
  • Emote Hadouken
Official Announcement Free Fire X Street Fighter V
Free Fire X Street Fighter V Collaboration will feature a new event on Bermuda.

The teaser also reveals that there will be an event happening on Bermuda even though we don't know what the event will be yet. More details about the collaboration will be revealed later in the upcoming weeks. We will update new information about this collaboration as soon as possible.

Apart from this collaboration, Free Fire also just revealed a collaboration with McLaren, a famous German car manufacturer, a few days ago. This collaboration will bring Free Fire a bunch of new fancy car skins and possibly a new event as well.

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