The Free Fire World Series is the biggest Free Fire tournament where the best teams in the world compete for the ultimate title. They are the one who knows the best ways to play the game. If you want to improve your win rate in Free Fire, you should definitely learn from them.

In this article, we are going to take about the top 5 most used characters in the FFWS 2021.

1. Chrono

Even though Chrono was nerfed badly in the OB27 updates, he was still the most used character in the Free Fire World Series.

Operation Chrono
Chrono Free Fire

Literally, every single player in the Finals was using him for their active ability slot. The fact that Chrono's shield can protect you from outside danger making him still a very strong character even with a long cooldown.

A full Squad will Chrono shield can continuously use the shield to protect each other, especially when they are inside a building.

2. Moco

Moco is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire and she is a free-to-play character. However, her skill is super useful.

Moco Free Fire
Moco Free Fire

She can mark the enemy she shot for 5 seconds, making it really hard for the enemy to run away. She is just simply a really good character and it likely that she will never be outdated.

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3. Maxim

Maxim just got buffed in the last patch, making him now a really good character. He can reduce the time for eating mushrooms and using medkits by 40% now. This allows players to use their healing items quickly so they can always be prepared to fight. If you take too much time to heal, the enemy will take the chance to push to your location.

Maxim Free Fire

The only downside of Maxim is that you need a Med Kit, which can be found easily everywhere, so it not exactly a downside. Timing is everything in Free Fire and many pro players understand this.

4. Kelly

Kelly is also one of the first characters in Free Fire. Her skill is very simple and yet it is very effective. She can increase the movement speed by 6%. Her Awaken skill also gives you a small damage buff after you have sprinted for 4 seconds.

Free Fire Kelly
Kelly Awaken Free Fire

Mobility is something that many Free Fire players overlooked. While it doesn't make you deal more damage or increase your HP, it allows you to position yourself in combat more easily. You can run to cover faster, you can push faster or you can rotate around faster and put yourself in an advantageous location. This is why a lot of pro players love this skill.

5. Hayato

Hayato used to be an okay-ish character until his Awaken skill was changed. Now, he will get both armor penetration and damage reduction whenever his HP gets low. This passive skill will make you much stronger in a 1 vs 1 situation. Obviously, many pro players notice this and use him as a part of their character combos in the Free Fire World Series.

Hayato Character In Free Fire
Hayato Free FIre

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