The Change Your Fate event has been added to Garena Free Fire. Join the game now to enjoy a discount of up to 80% for characters, pets, emotes, gun skins, and other items. Here's everything you need to know about this event!

Change Your Fate Event
It's time to change your fate in Free Fire!

Free Fire Change Your Fate Event Details

Schedule: The Free Fire Change Your Fate event took off yesterday, May 31st, and will continue until June 6th.

Change Your Fate Event Prizes
Re-roll to get a discount of up to 80!


Here are the rules to follow:

  • Players can obtain items at massive discounts at the Change Your Fate event shop.
  • Each player gets a discount voucher, which can be used to purchase three items each time.
  • The discount rate and the prize pool are changeable and players can alter them to their likings before making a purchase.
  • After making a purchase, players get a new discount voucher for them to make more purchases.
Change Your Fate Event Rules
Follow the rules of the event.

Most players will start with a fairly good discount in the Change Your Fate event (30-50%). However, if you decide to take over your fate and re-roll for better discount rates and prize pools, you're welcome to do so. But do keep in mind that you can purchase 3 items each time. In case you want to buy more, you have to purchase an item first. So, pick carefully.

Where is Free Fire Change Your Fate Event?

Follow the steps below to access the Change Your Fate event in Garena Free Fire:

  • #1: Launch Garena Free Fire. From the main lobby, select the Calendar icon to access the Events page.
  • #2: On the Free Fire Events page, navigate around until you find the “News” tab. Choose on the “Change Your Fate” event.
  • #3: Tap the “GO TO” button to redirect to the event's page.
  • #4: Choose your discounts and buy your items.
Change Your Fate Event Pgae
Find the event page in the news tab.

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