PUBG Mobile has just announced its collaboration with McLaren, one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. With this collaboration, we are going to expect to have some new events and some very exotic car skins.

In this article, we are going to show you everything we know so far about the PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration as well as all the car skins in it.

Buckle up! You're in for the ride of your life! 🏁

Chase your dreams with PUBG MOBILE x McLaren - coming soon!

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration Skins
All car skins in PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration

PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration

There will be a total of 6 different car skins for the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and McLaren. These skins will turn your Dacia into a McLaren 570S with 6 different colors, Zenith Black, Raspberry, Glory White, Royal Black, Pearlescent, Lunar White. Apart from these skins, we might expect to have a racing event in the game as well. PUBG Mobile once has a Rage Gear mode, where players race and fight at the same time.

As we all know, the training mode of PUBG Mobile has a racing track. PUBG Mobile might have some event for players to race against each other or try to beat the timer.

Pubg Mobile X Mc Laren
PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration might introduce a new racing game mode to the game.

Here are all the car skins that are leaked from the PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration.

1. McLaren 570S Skin (Zenith Black)

McLaren 570S Skin (Zenith Black) has a full classic black aesthetic. The rims are white silver, making them standing out.

Pubg Mobile Mclaren 570s
McLaren 570S Skin (Zenith Black) PUBG Mobile

2. McLaren 570S Skin (Raspberry)

The McLaren 570S Skin (Raspberry) has a full pink design, which is meant to be for female players.

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration Pink
McLaren 570S Skin (Raspberry) PUBG Mobile

3. McLaren 570S Skin (Glory White)

The McLaren 570S Skin (Glory White) is a combination of White and Gold, creating a sporty look for the car.

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration White
McLaren 570S Skin (Glory White) PUBG Mobile

4. McLaren 570S Skin (Royal Black)

McLaren 570S Skin (Royal Black) is covered with Gold color and a Black front capo, giving the car a royale feeling. The tires also have a gold color with white rims.

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration Black
McLaren 570S Skin (Royal Black) PUBG Mobile

5. McLaren 570S Skin (Pearlescent)

McLaren 570S Skin (Pearlescent) is the most colorful of all, a great choice for players who want to stand out.

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration Pearl
McLaren 570S Skin (Pearlescent) PUBG Mobile

6. McLaren 570S Skin (Lunar White)

McLaren 570S Skin (Lunar White) is fully covered with a white silver color, making the car look more elegant.

Pubgm X Mclaren Collaboration New Skin
McLaren 570S Skin (Lunar White) PUBG Mobile

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