To carry the team to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile, you need to play like a pro tanker. It requires players to master some close-range skills and have some tips to clear eliminate all enemies. Here are the best tips and tricks to become a PUBG Mobile tanker.

#1. Jump-shot Skill

The first skill you need to master is related to jump shot. Before you do a jump shot, you need to jump before tapping the firing button. It's because you will move slowlier when shooting. Then, if you do not stop firing before jumping, you cannot jump as high and far as normal. Therefore, don't pre-fire if you want to do a perfect jump shot.

Jump Shot Tip
To make a perfect jump shot, you need to jump before shooting.

#2. Make Enemies Reload First

This is a pro tip for PUBG Mobile tankers in wall-to-wall situations when both of you stand behind the cover. You can bait enemies by leaving the cover and fire at the enemies for 1 - 2 seconds before coming back to the cover. In this situation, most players will react and come back to the cover to reload. Listen carefully and push while the opponent is reloading.

Bait Enemies To Pre Fire
Bait enemies to pre-fire and push when they reload bullets.

When you want to push out of the house, don't run directly through the door or jump out of the window. Once you expose yourself, you will get shot by many enemies outside the house. In this situation, open the door and pretend that you are running out to bait enemies to prefire. Then, you will know the location of enemies and push when enemies stop to reload.

Tip For 1v1 Combat
It's a pro tip to win every 1v1 situation in PUBG Mobile.

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#3. Mute Grenade Pin Sound

In PUBG Mobile, players can hear the grenade pin sound in a range of 20 - 30 meters. Then, they can move to evade the explosion. But you can use a pro tip to mute the grenade pin sound. In specific, ask your teammate to fire randomly when you pin the grenades. It guarantees that the opponents cannot hear the grenade pin sound.

Mute The Grenade Pin Sound
You can mute the grenade pin sound by asking your teammate to make a shooting sound when you pin grenade.

#4. Clear School Apartment Rooftop Camper

The safest way to clear the enemies on the rooftop of the School Apartment in Erangel is using grenades. You can choose a position around that apartment to throw the grenade. There are two main places to throw grenades. Try to throw grenades like a pro player to clear enemies.

Face The East The Throw Grenade
Face the East, run, and jump to throw the grenade to the next apartment rooftop.
  • From the top of the other apartment. You need to climb to the top of the other apartment in this residential area. Make sure that you stay behind the rooftop exit wall and stand close to the banister. Pin grenade and run to take the momentum. Then, jump to throw it toward the neighboring apartment rooftop when your foot reaches the line stretching from the small brick wall on your right.
Grenade Trajectory
Adjust the grenade trajectory to make it cross the edge of the rooftop.
  • If you throw the grenade from the ground, adjust the trajectory so that it crosses the edge of the top floor. If it reaches the edge, it will rebound to kill you will an explosion. It's a stupid mistake that an excellent PUBG Mobile tanker should never make.

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