Jiggle movement is a pro movement skill in PUBG Mobile. It will help you dodge the enemy’s bullets in combat, especially close combat. Check out some tips to master PUBG Mobile jiggle movement below.

What Is Jiggle Movement?

Jiggle movement is a high-tech skill in which players move left and right to dodge bullets. It’s a must-know skill for pro players in this game if you want to win every close combat and get Chicken Dinner.

Jiggle Movement Skill
Jiggle movements help you dodge bullets and win every close combat.

While you move left and right randomly, the enemy can hardly track your position to shoot. Therefore, not all bullets will hit your body. You can avoid becoming an easy target for the opponents. The more unpredictable your movement is, the more shots enemies miss.

Choose Proper Jiggle Style
You should choose a proper jiggle style base on the distance to the opponent.

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Pro Tips For PUBG Mobile Jiggle Movement

There are many techniques to use jiggle movements in this game. You can also create your own style of jiggle movements. But regardless of which jiggle style you use, the key thing you need to master is locking your aim. Improve both movement skills and reflex mechanisms.

Increase The Joystick Size
Increase the joystick size because it will affect your speed.

#1. Basic Jiggle Movements

There are two jiggle movements that most PUBG Mobile players know, including short jiggle and long jiggle.

  • Short jiggle is also known as fast jiggle movement. Players will move left and right quickly in short range. It works the best in short-range combat (under 10 meters). In a longer range, it's less effective.
Use Fast Jiggle In Very Close Combat
Use short-jiggle in close combat when the target is within 5 - 7 meters.
  • Long jiggle is also popular in this game but it's less safe in close combat because it makes you move slowlier. However, it will be the best movement for mid-range combat.
Open The Angle
Open the angle and move wider when the target is over 10 meters away from you.

#2. Circle Jiggle

Circle jiggle is an advanced movement skill. Players will drag the joystick in a circular direction to make the character move quickly and dodge all bullets. It’s more helpful in some situations.

Change The Directions
You should change the direction randomly so that enemies cannot track you down.

For example, when two players stand face-to-face in very short combat (about 5 - 7 meters), many players often choke their aim and fire. However, circle jiggle movement gives you enough space to place the crosshair at the enemy’s body to fire.

Circle Jiggle Movement
Use circle jiggle movement when the enemy stands in front of your face.

Moreover, from the enemy’s perspective, you will move unpredictably. However, you need to keep the crosshair stable to knock down the opponents first.

#3. Crouch/Jump

Crouching while using jiggle movement will reduce your speed. However, sometimes it helps you avoid headshot. So does jumping. You should practice these movement combos in under-5-meter-range combat. Don't drag the joystick in a predictable manner or you will let the enemy track you down.

Remember to change the direction backward and toward randomly when moving left and right. The farther you are away from the target, the wider angle you should open to the two sides. Then, practice it to increase the speed.

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